Four Easy Ways to Contribute to Safe Access

When you are a member-based advocacy organization like ASA you get used to accomplishing a lot with a little. But in 2022 we are taking on our biggest challenge ever. State level cannabis reforms have failed to deliver the quality of safe access that patients deserve. We need a federal reform that makes patients a priority and changes the federal approach to medical cannabis from prohibition to encouragement.

Our aim is to create a federal office that prioritizes America's medical cannabis patients, but we can not do this without your support. To help us prepare for this challenge, please consider taking some of the steps below to support and build ASA for 2022.

  • You can support ASA financially using Amazon Smile with absolutely no cost to you! Simply choose Americans for Safe Access as your supported charity and shop normally and we will receive a donation from Amazon without you paying anything extra. 
  • Make a donation. It’s old-fashioned I know, but the fact is we need more financial support in order to attain our goals. We have some amazing businesses and organizations that sponsor our work, but we are proud to say that the majority of our funding comes from everyday folks like you.
  • Unfortunately, too many people don’t know about ASA or our mission for safe access. You can change that by sharing a blog on social media. If your social media feed has stories about cannabis written from a business perspective maybe share a story about a patient perspective.
  • Encourage local cannabis businesses to engage with us. If you shop in a dispensary, tell them about ASA and our mission to expand access to more patients. Share with them our educational materials or our newsletter and ask if they would like to offer them to their customers. Or you can encourage them to become a Business Supporter to help ASA in its fight to provide greater access to medical cannabis.

Any one of these actions can help us grow and build our capacity to take on federal cannabis reform and help keep patients in the conversation about cannabis. We need the support of everyone who cares about safe access in order to win this fight. With your help, we can make safe access work for all Americans.