300 Medical Cannabis Advocates Lobbied the CA Legislature Today!

Today, 300 advocates representing every part of California have met with each of the 120 legislative offices to urge the passage of AB2312 and SB1182. A few minutes after noon, hundreds rallied on the steps of the Capitol to demonstrate their united, enthusiastic support for sensible, statewide regulation of medical cannabis in keeping with the voter-approved Prop 215. Addressing the rally were Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, UFCW Director Dan Rush, Californians for Cannabis Policy Reform leader Dale Sky Jones, and Americans for Safe Access California Director Don Duncan and Executive Director Steph Sherer.
"The grassroots - no pun intended - is how we change the world," said Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, sponsor of AB2312. "I look forward to all of you speaking to my colleagues, your representatives, and passing this important, common-sense regulation of medical cannabis."

"Today we are a unified, California medical cannabis community that’s energized and ready to educate our representatives in support of this important legislation. We’re especially proud of our members in Local 5, Local 8, and Local 770 for engaging in the democratic process and uniting with our sisters and brothers in this new industry," said Dan Rush, United Food and Commercial Workers Director, National Medical Cannabis and Hemp Division, on the steps of the Capitol.

"The lack of safe, well-regulated access to medical marijuana is tragedy for the families and victims of violent crime who don’t have the full attention of law enforcement. I stand with the victims of violent crime today, as a mother. I demand our justice department go after gun violence, child predators and human traffickers," said Dale Sky Jones of Californians for Cannabis Policy Reform.

"While you’re here lobbying in person, you are joined by tens of thousands of virtual visitors from all over the state who are emailing their representatives," said Don Duncan, California Director of ASA, to the assembled advocates.

"Today the medical cannabis movement has shown state legislators that we're diverse and we're organized. We've come together to pass AB2312, to create sensible statewide regulations for safe access for patients and safe communities across the state of California." said Steph Sherer, Executive Director of ASA.