DEA Fails Again: Congress Needs to Take Action!

As you probably know, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) released its decision to keep cannabis in its current Schedule I status. Of course, we all know this is ridiculous!

ASA has just published a report challenging lengthy decision determination issued by the DEA. While Schedule I status means the DEA sees no accepted medical use of cannabis, ASA found that the DEA cited flawed data while ignoring many useful studies published since 2001. If the DEA is looking at bad science while turning a blind eye to recent research, it’s no wonder they came to such an absurd determination.

There is only ONE THING left to ensure patients are protected AND research on medical cannabis moves forward and that is PASS THE CARERS ACT! We need YOU, to contact your legislators TODAY and tell them you want them to support the CARERS Act.

Please take a moment to send this pre-written email to your reps and senators in Congress urging them to support the CARERS Act.

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