Petition to add conditions to Connecticut's MMJ program

On behalf of the Connecticut Chapter of Americans for Safe Access, I’d like to formally announce our chapter’s newest initiative, amending the list of “Debilitating Illnesses” that qualify under the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program to include:

  1. Arthritis/ Osteoarthritis
  2. Insomnia
  3. Depression/Anxiety
  4. Chronic Pain

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This initiative will include hosting a petition for each individual condition, as well as submitting an official Petition to Add a Medical Condition, Medical Treatment, or Disease to the List of Debilitating Condition to the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection. The official petition that CTASA will end up submitting will require extensive research and evidence regarding current treatment, adverse effects of said treatment, clinical research studies that support the use of medicinal cannabis to treat these conditions, as well as doctors’ letters of endorsement for each condition we wish to add. The petition and information will be compiled and organized by Connecticut for Safe Access and should be ready to be turned in within a two month time span.

As Chair of Connecticut for Safe Access and as an active business owner within the Medical Marijuana Industry in both Connecticut and New York, I know that there is a dire need for unity, organization, and a strong union presence within all sectors of the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Industry. This initiative will be designed to address all of these complex issues, as we aim to work together as an industry and include all stakeholders to better the Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program. 


Jessica Pelletier