On May 15-16th, ASA brought advocates from across the country to D.C. to recommit to the fight for safe access. New and seasoned advocates came together to sharpen their advocacy skills and participate in strategic discussions about the need for federal cannabis policy surrounding medical cannabis. During Hill Day, groups of participants met with key members of congress to share their stories about the impacts that the lack of federal policies has on their lives and to remind them that the needs of patients cannot continue to be ignored. 

However, the only way for us to keep medical cannabis in the conversation is to continue to show Congress that patients still need help. That is why we have decided to take this event on the road. We want to help educate and train advocates across this country on the need for a new patient-focused approach to federal legalization. If we are going to make sure patients continue to have a voice in DC, we must recommit to the fight for safe access together.


If you are interested in Hosting a local Advocacy Training Academy, please take a look at the information below and send an email to [email protected] with your preferred date.

Option 1: 6-hr advocacy training (Saturday preferred)

Option 2: 2-hr condensed training (any night of the week)


Our Responsibilities and Your Responsibilities

In order to make your local advocacy academy a success we will be relying on your expertise in your community. This section outlines your responsibilities as a Host and our responsibilities as educators. 

Host Responsibilities:

Find & Manage Location: Find and reserve a location for the event. This can be at a library, community center, or even your own home! Make sure that the date is available and that there is space for 25-50 people. If there is a cost to renting a location, you may need to find a local business to sponsor the event.

Location Requirements & Considerations:

  •     25-100 people (depending on how many you think will attend)
  •     Room for social distance
  •     Medication Space for patients
  •     ADA Compliant
  •     Available for hours needed

Coordinate Food: Nothing fancy, snacks and drinks are always appreciated at any event. You can also do some outreach to see if local restaurants will donate food, or if businesses will donate money towards food.

Do local outreach for participants & sponsors: Since this is your town, you know the people and the businesses that might be interested in attending and sponsoring. We will also do outreach, but would also like your help in reaching people in your community. 

Answer logistic questions: As the host, you will be the person to go to for questions about the event. Helping participants find information concerning directions, parking information, and things of that sort.

Set up day of: As the host, you will also need to determine or help with set up of the location if needed. This can be as simple as putting out chairs and determining where the food can be shared.


ASA Responsibilities:

  • Sponsorship materials
  • Outreach materials
  • Presentations and speaker
  • Event materials
  • Online Registration Portal
  • Email and social media outreach


Available Dates

Let us know which of the below dates would work best for you, or send us additional dates. Dates with locations in parentheses means we will already be in that area during that time. 

  • June 10  (Virginia)
  • June 17
  • June 24 (26 Maryland)
  • July 1
  • July 8
  • July 15
  • July 22
  • July 29
  • Aug 5
  • Aug 12 (17 Nevada)
  • Aug 19
  • Aug 26
  • Sept 2
  • Sept 9
  • Sept 16
  • Sept 23 (26-30 Louisiana)
  • Sept 30