ASA in the News

Nov 302016

Bullock’s medical marijuana tax opposed by advocates, Republicans; growers undecided - Americans for Safe Access

By Hunter Pauli for the Montana Standard

“We understand that it may be tempting to look at the medical cannabis program as a means to help balance the budget or pay for a few new programs, but we think it’s a bad public policy,” - Mike Liszewski

Nov 292016

Patient Focused Certification Attracts Europe’s Top Cannabis Companies - Americans for Safe Access

By Bill Griffin for The Marijuana Times

Organisations like ICCI, PFC, ASA and their colleagues in universities and medical practices throughout Europe will make it happen in a way that ensures it is safe for consumers by coaching players in the market to operate at a highly professional level.

Nov 292016

Medical marijuana advocates up in arms over Jeff Sessions - Americans for Safe Access

By Jim Rosica for Florida Politics

The president-elect “needs to reassure the more than 300 million Americans living under some sort of medical cannabis law that his attorney general will honor his campaign pledge to respect state medical cannabis programs,” Sherer said.

Nov 292016

Jeff Sessions Appointment Poses Threat To Booming Marijuana Industry - Americans for Safe Access

By Nathan Rott for NPR's All Things Considered

"We've been fighting for a long time, and definitely one presidency isn't going to stop the work that we're doing." -Steph Sherer

Nov 212016

New Trump nominee puts legal marijuana sales in jeopardy - Americans for Safe Access

By Rob Motakainen for McClatchy Washington Bureau via The Daily Herald

“It could be really bad news, if we don’t fight back,” said Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access, a group that promotes medical marijuana.

Nov 182016

Ojai OKs delivery, pickup of medical marijuana - Americans for Safe Access

By Claudia Boyd-Barrett for the Ventura County Star

Sarah Armstrong, director of industry affairs for Americans for Safe Access, applauded the council’s decision to allow delivery and pickup of medical marijuana. She said she hoped it would inspire other cities and the county to do the same.

“I think it's a very brave and very principled decision, and Americans for Safe Access is deeply grateful,” she said. “It allows people in and around Ojai to access medical marijuana that’s been tested, that’s supplied by people who adhere to state law. ... It also allows the county and the cities in the county to see that the sky does not fall when you allow a license for delivery services.”

Nov 112016

Congress Just Got More Marijuana Friendly - Americans for Safe Access

By Tom Angell for

Mike Liszewski of Americans for Safe Access said that the House version of the bill should have a shot of moving next year. “There may me be an opportunity to get a hearing for the successor to the CARERS Act in the House due to the retirement of Rep. Joe Pitts, who had blocked it in the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health,” he said.

Nov 102016

Medical Cannabis Legalization Wins in 4 States - Americans for Safe Access

By C.M. Watts for TheWeedBlog


“Last night was a historic victory for the movement to legalize medical cannabis and provide safe, legal access for patients who are in critical need of medical cannabis for therapeutic uses,” said Steph Sherer, Executive Director of Americans of Safa Access (ASA).

Nov 092016

Floridians Pass Amendment 2 Legalizing a New Medical Marijuana Program - Americans for Safe Access

By Noelle Skodzinski for Cannabis Busines Times

Florida was one of 16 states receiving “a grade of F or F+ in a [recent] report, ‘Medical Marijuana Access in the United States: A Patient-Focused Analysis of the Patchwork of State Laws,’ by Americans for Safe Access

Nov 082016

This election, don't let the lights go out on medical marijuana - Americans for Safe Access

By Steph Sherer for The Hill

The 2016 election will have lasting effects on the future of medical cannabis programs that affect the lives of millions of Americans. This is not a year to sit on the side lines. Educate yourself and vote!