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We are able to accomplish our work through our members and generous supporters. <br> Get involved today!


We are able to accomplish our work through our members and generous supporters.
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Learn how you Representatives score on Medical Marijuana

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Information Information for professionals and patients


Medical Patients

Information about the medical use of cannabis, legal information, and practical tools and guides for those using or considering cannabis therapeutics

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Legal Professionals

Overview of federal and state laws concerning medical cannabis, information on defending medical cannabis cases, and brief banks.

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Medical Professionals

Information for medical professionals who use or wish to us medical cannabis therapies in their practice.

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Policy Makers

Information for policy makers on drafting and implementing patient-centric medical cannabis legislation and regulations, including state-by-state guides and comparison charts.

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Producers & Providers

Resources for those providing medical cannabis directly to patients, considering providing medical cannabis, and those helping individuals obtain medical cannabis.

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News & Blog

Take Action to Stop County-Wide Dispensary Bans

MD_Anne_Arundel_County_Action_Alert.jpgAs the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission moves forward with implementing Maryland's medical cannabis program, local governments in the state are now considering the issue of zoning requirements for medical cannabis business. Currently, the Anne Arundel County Council is...

California Weekly Roundup: October 5, 2015

CA Weekly Roundup

Contents (Scroll down for details and links):


  • National
  • California
  • Local


  • October 5, 2015 – Los Angeles Budget and Finance Committee Hearing (Los Angeles)
  • March 18-22, 2016 – National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference...

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Patient Focused Certification Hosts Industry Training For Maryland Medical Cannabis Applicants

Baltimore, MD - On October 12th, the Patient Focused Certification (PFC) program will host a Maryland application preparation event for applicants seeking licenses to operate medical cannabis cultivation, processing or dispensary locations in Maryland. This event, will consist of a networking reception followed by an educational workshop with industry experts...

All Three Defendants in Kettle Falls Medical Cannabis Cultivation Case Receive Jail Sentences

Spokane, WA – Earlier today Rhonda Firestack-Harvey and Michelle Gregg were sentenced to one year and a day in connection to federal cannabis cultivation charges. Fellow defendant Rolland Gregg received a sentence of 33 months. All three were released pending appeal. In March the trio was acquitted of all crimes they...

Canadian Research Study Demonstrates Medical Cannabis Safety Profile

Montreal- Researchers associated with McGill University and the University of British Columbia recently published results from a study showing that medical cannabis patients were no more likely to suffer serious adverse events during treatment than non-cannabis patients. “Cannabis for the Management of Pain: Assessment of Safety Study (COMPASS),” published online in...

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