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ASA has made some great progress since its inception in 2002, but unfortunately, much of that progress can be lost without proper civic engagement from advocates. We have numerous campaigns and projects at local, state and federal levels that are aimed at specific changes in laws or regulations. Learn more about our campaigns and projects here.


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Resources for Policy Makers

Welcome legislative and regulatory staff, as well as citizen lobbyists. Whether you are working on a local ordinance, implementing statewide regulations, or passing landmark Congressional legislation, the materials here will help you with your goals in creating medical cannabis programs that are focused on patient wellbeing and community safety

Federal Advocacy Project

ASA's National Office, located in Washington, DC, advocates for safe access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research to better meet the immediate needs of patients, medical professionals, and researchers. We help to broaden support for medical cannabis on Capitol Hill, and within executive agencies and national institutes. ASA is the only organization in our nation's Capitol working exclusively to advance safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.

State Campaigns

ASA’s state campaigns also focus on local and state-wide elections. ASA works to ensure friendly politicians are elected and that unfriendly candidates are beaten.

Community Support Project

This project provides an array of support and resources for patients, their providers, advocates and clinicians.

Patients' Rights Project

The Patients’ Rights Project (PRP) provides direct support and guidance to those using and providing medical cannabis and uses advocacy, media outreach and the courts to expand their rights. Legal patients and providers suffer pervasive discrimination in employment, child custody, housing, public accommodation, education, and medical care.