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Oct 07

Patient Focused Certification Online Training

  • October 07, 2017 12:00 PM
  • in Baltimore, MD

Patient Focused Certification (PFC) and its staff and alumni have helped cannabis businesses win more State licenses than any other organization!  Whether you are applying for a medical cannabis license, hoping to obtain a job at a dispensary or cultivator, or just want to learn more about the industry, this class is for you.  

This online training is taught in sections, providing a well-rounded understanding of the history of medical cannabis laws, cannabis as medicine, cannabis science and research, running a safe cannabis business, compliance regulations specific to cultivation and processing, and state-specific laws and regulations. After completion of this course, and passing of exams (70% or higher) participants will receive a certification. 

The Training Course includes:

  • Cannabis as Medicine

  • Business Operations

  • Understanding the Law

  • State and Legal Compliance Training

  • National Cannabis Standards Training (NCST)*

*We offer NCST training in the areas of Cultivation and Processing, Distribution, and Manufacturing. Participants can choose to take 1 or all 3! 

PFC is a project of Americans for Safe Access, an organization with more than 15 years of experience and expertise. Our staff have trained thousands of medical cannabis industry professionals and regulators. Regulators from around the country have contacted PFC to prepare for inspections and assessments of medical cannabis companies. PFC is also the nation’s only program based on the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) guidelines and the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia (AHP) Cannabis monograph.  

Dec 31

Inspection Preparedness Assessment

  • December 31, 2017 12:00 PM

Americans for Safe Access’ (ASA) created Patient Focused Certification (PFC) to address issues of quality control and product safety in the cannabis industry and to ensure that patients, healthcare providers, and government regulators can rely on high-quality cannabis products and services. PFC helps companies that are cultivating, manufacturing, analyzing, and distributing these products achieve their commitment to quality and product safety.   

Through ASA’s commitment to safe access for patients, we want to help medical cannabis businesses make it through the licensing process. We created the Inspection Preparedness Assessment specifically to help businesses prepare for licensing.

The Inspection Preparedness Assessment will include:

  • Mock inspection with a PFC auditor

  • Spot check of SOPs for regulatory compliance

  • Review of state inspection checklist

  • Overview of thing inspectors may be looking for (including the most common violations that often result in heavy fines and potentially the denial or loss of an operating license)

  • Suggested corrective action report

  • Post-audit debrief  

This is a confidential service that takes 3-4 hours. These services will not only prepare you for the pending state inspections but they will also allow your business to plan and budget for needed improvements. 

Here are a few quotes from PFC clients in MD that just passed their inspections:

"In this evolving industry with so much to learn and limited guidance, Americans for Safe Access PFC helped our company not only prepare for and pass inspection, but to exemplify best in class practices to be a model for cultivation" - Krissy Bernazani, RPh, Clinical Director, Freestate Wellness

“We called PFC prior to our final inspection. Within a week an auditor conducted a walkthrough of the facility and helped us prepare for the licensing inspection. Having this pre-state inspection allowed us to see improvements we could make in our procedures and our facility prior to our final inspection.” - Gina Hopkins, Compliance Officer, ForwardGro

 To make sure your cannabis business makes it through the licensing process, sign up below!