Washington, DC Solidarity Rally: Sick and Tired!

Twenty five medical cannabis patients, activists and concerned citizens rallied outside of the Department of Justice in Washington, DC today to stand in solidarity with fellow community members across the country.  “We’re sick, We’re tired, Obama is a liar!” advocates cried while handing out literature and raising community awareness. Steph Sherer, Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access, led a moment of silence for those brothers and sisters in our community who have been most affected by federal interference.   Sherer was specifically referring Dale Schafer and Dr. Mollie Fry who turned themselves over to federal authorities today to serve their respective five-year mandatory minimum sentences, leaving patients and advocates alike wondering when the federal persecution will end. Just last week, our community witnessed raids in Washington State and U.S. Attorneys have sent letters to public officials in California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Rhode Island and Washington, threatening them with criminal prosecution for their production and/or distribution laws. It is because of these inconsistencies with the promises Obama made to our community that we stand in solidarity to spread a common message to all federal agencies: We are sick and tired. We are suffering from chronic or debilitating conditions, and we are weary of false promises that do nothing to protect our rights as patients. [gallery]