Recommending Cannabis in Florida

Below is information for the current low-THC program in Florida. Regulations for physicians under Amendment 2 will be issued in 2017. ASA will be provide updated information as it becomes available.

In order to recommend low-THC medical cannabis, physicians in Florida must take a training course like the Florida Physicians Low-THC Cannabis CME Course, and enroll with the state Department of Health. To remain eligible to recommend low-THC medical cannabis, the training course must be retaken every time a physician in Florida renews their license. Physicians in Florida may only recommend low-THC medical cannabis to treat cancer, severe seizures, or severe muscle spasms. Recommending physicians must maintain a patient treatment plan that includes the dose, route of administration, planned duration, and monitoring of the patient’s symptoms and other indicators of tolerance or reaction to the low-THC cannabis. Additionally, physicians must submit quarterly reports on the progress of patients the University of Florida.

The “Florida Physicians Low-THC Cannabis CME Course” is offered online in video format by the Florida Medical Association (FMA) and the Florida Osteopathic Medical Association (FOMA). In addition to increasing a physician's knowledge on medical cannabis, they will earn 8 AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™, that can also be used towards licensure and accreditation requirements. Successful completion of this course fulfills the Florida state requirement for physicians who wish to order low-THC cannabis for their patients' use.

For additional information, see the Office of Compassionate Use page.