Recommending Cannabis in North Carolina

In North Carolina, licensed neurologists who are affiliated with a state-licensed hospital can obtain state approval for a pilot study. Patients in this study must be diagnosed with epilepsy that does not respond to three or more treatment options in order to participate in a pilot study. On a case-by-case basis, neurologists may authorize the use of non-psychoactive cannabis extracts acquired from another jurisdiction. Under North Carolina law, registered physicians are exempt from all criminal and civil penalties related to recommending the use of cannabis extracts.


  • Must be board certified in Neurology
  • Must be licensed to practice medicine in the State of North Carolina
  • Must be registered in Intractable Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Pilot Study database
  • Must be participating in a state-approved pilot study at a selected research institution
  • Must be affiliated with a state-licensed hospital


A neurologist seeking entry into the Intractable Epilepsy Alternative Treatment program must obtain approval from North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services. Along with the above requirements for recommending clinicians, neurologists must submit an application with the following information:

a) the name of the pilot study
b) the affiliated hospital
c) the scientific and clinical parameters of the study
d) the protocols established to ensure patient safety
e) the name and address of any neurologist associated with the study
f) any other information required to determine the safety and evidence-based nature of the study