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Apr 222015

Gov. Inslee to decide on marijuana ‘cooperatives’ - Americans for Safe Access


Police and sheriffs want Gov. Jay Inslee to veto permission for group grows of medical marijuana.

Washington state law today allows “collective gardens,” which were envisioned as a way for small groups of patients to pool their pot but are being used to help justify unlicensed medical-marijuana storefronts.



Apr 172015

Nip it in the Bud: Cannabis Farming Is Not Causing California’s Drought - Americans for Safe Access

By Mitchell Colbert The Leaf Online

California has been in a drought for the past four years. Most of the state has received under 10 inches of rain, meeting the criteria to be labeled a desert. This conundrum has made California a testing ground for a battle over water rights, where cannabis growers are being unjustly scapegoated as the culprits behind the worst drought the state has seen in over a millennium.

Apr 152015

Medical Marijuana Program: At A Crossroads? - Americans for Safe Access

By Kristin Gourlay Rhode Island Public Radio 

Several caregivers and patients participating in the state's medical marijuana program have reached out to me recently, offering to educate me about their role and the benefits of the program.

Apr 152015

Marijuana Is Still a Schedule 1 Drug, Judge Rules - Americans for Safe Access

by Arielle Pardes Vice 

Marijuana has come a long way since the paranoia of Reefer Madness. States that have legalized the drug are quickly getting rich on tax revenue from it, it's shown promise in treating all sorts of ailments, and there's some evidence that it might reduce addiction and overdoses caused by other drugs. The drug is sold in hipstery farmer's markets, rabbis are finding ways to adopt weed into a kosher lifestyle, and even Martha Stewart admits she rolls joints.

Apr 102015

Pain patient puts face on medical marijuana issue - Americans for Safe Access

By Donna Viceroy Chicago Tribune 

one point, Joy Grainge was so convinced she was going to die, she packed up her two sons and took them to Portugal to tour castles.

"I was 49 years old and sure I'd be dead within two years," she said. "I'd always wanted to take them to Europe, so I did. We saw castle after castle after castle."

Grainge, 53, of Homewood, who suffers from chronic severe pain, now relies on a few puffs of cannabis to get through her day.


Apr 092015

Congressmen Demand That DOJ Stop Prosecuting Medical Marijuana Cases - Americans for Safe Access

By Matt Ferner The Huffington Post

A pair of lawmakers behind a historic congressional amendment protecting medical marijuana operations from federal crackdown issued a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Wednesday demanding the Department of Justice stop prosecuting cases against medical marijuana patients and providers in states where the substance has been legalized.

Apr 092015

Legal Conflicts on Medical Marijuana Ensnare Hundreds as Courts Debate a New Provision - Americans for Safe Access

Erik Eckholm The New York Times

BLOOMFIELD, N.M. — Charles C. Lynch seemed to be doing everything right when he opened a medical marijuana dispensary in the tidy coastal town of Morro Bay, Calif.

Apr 082015

3rd Annual National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference Takes Place In Washington, DC - Americans for Safe Access

By Justin Kander Medical Jane

Different people participate for different reasons. But whatever the reason, the 3rd Annual National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference, hosted by Americans for Safe Access, was the place to be for those wanting to gain more knowledge about medical cannabis. The event took place last week in Washington, D.C. at the Loews Madison Hotel. Over five days, doctors, researchers, activists, and patients from around the country convened to discuss the future of medicinal cannabis policy reform and science. The amount of information shared in such a short time was stunning.

Apr 062015

Advocates Fight to Pursue Medical Marijuana Research - Americans for Safe Access

Local veterans and doctors traveled to Washington D.C. to lobby for marijuana research and support legislation like the Carers Act, which would permit veterans affairs doctors to prescribe medical marijuana for chronic conditions. Cronkite News Correspondent Nihal Krishan has the story.

See video here.



Apr 042015

Congressmen Say DOJ's Interpretation Of Their Medical Marijuana Amendment Is 'Emphatically Wrong' - Americans for Safe Access

By Matt Ferner Huffington Post

The lawmakers behind a recent congressional amendment protecting medical marijuana operations in states where the drug is legal strongly rebuked the Department of Justice for trying to continue to crack down on some medical marijuana businesses.