Wyoming Legal Information

On July 1 of 2015 Gov. Mead signed HB 32 into law. This law extends legal protections to some patients using some high CBD extractions. The law does not contain any provision for cultivation, production or distribution of cannabis and therefore forces patients to leave the state to legally acquire their medicine. The law only allows for extracts with greater than 5% CBD and less than 0.3% THC by weight. The only patients eligible for this program are those with intractable epilepsy and seizure disorders. Minors are eligible for medical cannabis, though their parents or legal guardians must administer it.

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Wyoming's Laws & Regulations

HB 32 establishes a registration process which allows a neurologist to recommend CBD cannabis extracts to a patient suffering from intractable epilepsy or seizure disorders.The law does not create any provisions for the production or distribution of the cannabis extracts.

Becoming a patient in Wyoming

Registering under HB 32 requires that a patient complete an application and the patient's neurologist complete two additional forms. A patient must also submit proof of residency and a $150 application fee. After processing by the Department of Health the patient will be issued a Hemp Extract Registration card.

Recommending Cannabis in Wyoming

Any person licensed to practice medicine in Wyoming and certified in neurology may certify a patient for registration in the Hemp Extract Registry.

Facing state or federal charges?

Unfortunately, patients, caregivers, and providers are still vulnerable to federal and state arrests, prosecutions, and incarceration. They also suffer pervasive discrimination in employment, child custody, housing, public accommodation, education and medical care.