California Campaign for Safe Access

ASA CCSA LogoThe California Campaign for Safe Access is ASA's oldest state campaign. There are more legal patients, providers, and recommending physicians in California than any other state. More than 1.4 million patients have safe, reliable, and dignified access to medicine in the state, but significant challenges remain.

The mission of the California Campaign for Safe Access is:

  1. To monitor, implement, and improve medical cannabis law in California; and
  2. To protect and expand patients’ rights, using education, litigation, legislation, grassroots advocacy and direct support.

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In This Section

AB 258 - Medical Cannabis Organ Transplant Act

AB 258, the Medical Cannabis Marijuana Organ Transplant Act, will prevent a patient from being denied life-saving access to an organ transplant based solely on their status as a legal medical cannabis patient.

2015 Legislation

ASA’s California Campaign for safe access tracks state legislation related to medical cannabis.

Points of Unity - California

ASA believes that workable regulations and state licensing are an important part of expanding and preserving safe, legal, and dignified access to medical cannabis in California. We call on lawmakers, patients, and other stakeholders to cooperate in creating legislation that works for everyone. These “Points of Unity” are designed to help facilitate that process. Your input is welcome.

ASA-CCSA Email Discussion List

I want to invite you to join a new email discussion list ASA is launching to help facilitate conversations about medical cannabis issues in California. The ASA California Campaign for Safe Access (ASA-CCSA) mailing list will be a primary contact point for patients, advocates, and others to share ideas and constructive debate on state legislation, local ordinances, initiatives, and court cases.

Providers List

Join ASA’s Medical Cannabis Providers List, a private email discussion list for legal medical cannabis providers in California.

Study: Medical Cannabis Use in CA

A new study shows that 1.4 million Californians have used medical cannabis and an overwhelming majority of those users (92%) believe cannabis helped treat the symptoms of a serious medical condition. The study, which will be published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review, challenges the commonly held perception that medical cannabis is being overused by healthy people and demonstrates that California’s medical cannabis laws are providing real relief to a lot of people.

Contact Us in CA

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CA Campaign for Safe Access Outline

Detailed outline of CA Campaign for Safe Access 2015