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Office of the Executive Director

Picture of Steph Sherer

Steph Sherer, Executive Director

phone: (202) 857-4272 

Steph Sherer is founder and Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), the largest national member-based organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists, and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.

Her direct experience with the medical benefits of cannabis and her political organizing background led Steph to form ASA in 2002 with the purpose of building a strong grassroots movement to protect patients and their rights. As a powerful advocate, a skilled spokesperson, and an energetic initiator of campaigns, Steph has trained over 100,000 individuals across the country on civic engagement.

Steph has become the foremost international leader and expert on medical cannabis patient advocacy and, alongside American Herbal Products Association (AHPA), has created the first industry standards in the areas of Distribution, Cultivation, Analytics, and Manufacturing, Packaging and Labeling.


Debbie Churgai, Assistant to the Executive Director

(202) 857-4272 x. 8




Talana Lattimer, Operations Director

phone: (202) 857-4272 x. 4

Talana Lattimer is the Operations Director at Americans for Safe Access (ASA), where she builds social advocacy campaigns that leverage digital media and marketing communications to impact policy initiatives. Before joining ASA, Talana worked for the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), where is lead the National office’s digital practices. Talana worked to develop and execute social media strategies and multimedia projects where is she specialized in customizing content for the Web, and viral interactive media. She has served as a media trainer and public speaker for various social change organizations. Prior to ACTE, Talana worked on media and communications campaigns for the Terry McAuliffe gubernatorial campaign, Department of Commerce, Marguerite Casey Foundation’s Equal Voices for America Campaign and American University. In addition, she is an award winning producer, having produced for CNN, CBS News, XM Sirius Satellite Radio, Black Entertainment Television and WTTG Fox 5 to name a few. 



Geoffrey Marshall, Office & Membership Coordinator

phone: (202) 857-4272 x. 1

Geoffrey Marshall joined Americans For Safe Access as the Office and Membership assistant in 2015. He brings a dedication to organization and efficiency to the role, where he works to facilitate the organization’s operations and workflows. A graduate of The College of Idaho, Geoffrey’s background has largely focused in the world of non-profit development including time at the Marijuana Policy Project. His own experience with medicinal marijuana (beside the myriad of policy arguments) prompted his work with drug policy reform and cannabis legalization. He also works as consultant for non-profit and campaign clients using the NationBuilder platform.


Picture of William Dolphin

William Dolphin, Publications


William Dolphin is responsible for ASA's newsletters and other print publications, such as the booklets on treating specific conditions, state legal manuals, and activist training materials. He has been part of ASA's communications team since 2003, when he joined the organization after contributing to a media relations campaign for author Ed Rosenthal's landmark federal trial that generated coverage by the New York Times and major networks. His work as a writer and editor has ranged from think tanks and city governments to universities and publishers, and he has taught at San Francisco State University, Rhodes College, and UC Berkeley. 


Paul Marini, Technical Director


Paul has been with ASA since its inception, serving in a myriad of roles. He is happy to bring the logistical expertise he learned in the anti-globlization movement to bear to keep things running smoothly at ASA.



Benjamin Morrison, Senior IT Consultant 


Benjamin Morrison specializes in nonprofit online infrastructure, including modern web design standards, mobile design optimization, online fundraising and online/social media marketing strategy. Formally trained in art history, ceramic arts and ceramic chemistry, Benjamin branched out into web design on the Nationbuilder and Modx platforms in 2009. Former clients include retail businesses, charitable nonprofits, non-partisan political nonprofits, and educational organizations nationwide.

His philosophy in web design is encompassed very well by his company’s slogan “Getting People Involved & Keeping People Involved." 


Public Affairs 

bethcollins_headshot.pngBeth Collins, Senior Director of Government Relations and External Affairs

phone: (202) 857-4272 x. 0

Beth Collins first became involved in medical marijuana advocacy in 2013 while trying to help treat her daughter Jennifer’s intractable epilepsy. After trying and failing numerous pharmaceutical medications, Beth and Jennifer left her husband and other daughter in Virginia, and moved to Colorado to access cannabis oil to treat Jennifer’s seizures. While in Colorado, Beth began lobbying the Virginia General Assembly for access to medical cannabis. In 2014, Beth and her daughter returned to Virginia and she worked with other parents to pass legislation that allows her daughter to take THCa oil in the state without fear of prosecution. She continues to work with Virginia’s lawmakers to expand access and cultivation in the state.

In addition, Beth helped form and lead the Parents Coalition for Rescheduling Medical Cannabis, a national parent group with the mission of removing cannabis from its current schedule 1 status. She has also lobbied Congress in support of the CARERS Act, the most comprehensive piece of federal medical marijuana legislation ever introduced in both the U.S. House and Senate.

In January 2016, Beth joined the staff of Americans for Safe Access where she hopes to help advocates initiate, expand, and improve state medical cannabis laws and programs, and work with Federal decision makers to reschedule cannabis and reduce the conflict between state and federal cannabis laws.


Picture of Mike Liszewski

Mike Liszewski, Government Affairs Director

phone: (202) 857-4272 x. 3

Mike Liszewski (J.D., University of the District of Columbia, 2011) is Policy Director at Americans for Safe Access. He spent his early career as a community organizer for Banner Neighborhoods in southeast Baltimore, MD, forming after-school reading, art, sports and employment programs for elementary and middle school-aged youth. As a law student, he helped lead a successful lobbying campaign that defeated an ill-conceived "gang injunction" bill, and clerked in DC Council Committee on Health as it was considering B18-622, the District's medical cannabis law. Mike served as a student member of SSDP's Board of Directors (2010-2012) and the ACLU-NCA (2010-2011). Shortly before joining ASA's staff, he co-drafted the original version of what was eventually passed and signed into law in D.C. as the Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Amendment Act of 2012.

As Policy Director at ASA, Mike works with patients, advocates, and elected officials at the state, local and national level to create new laws and improve existing ones that allow patients to have safe access to medical cannabis therapy. In addition to ASA's legislative work, Mike has also been actively involved with the implementation process to make sure these laws result in patients having legal and affordable access to medicine.


Picture of Don Duncan

Don Duncan, California Director

phone: (202) 857-4272 x. 7

Don Duncan has served on the Board of Directors since he co-founded American for Safe Access in 2002. As California Director, he is coordinating the grassroots and grasstops campaign to fully implement the states medical cannabis laws, respond to federal interference, and build a broader and more powerful coalition for medical cannabis in California. Mr. Duncan was instrumental in galvanizing grassroots resistance to federal raids and in seeding local self-regulatory alliances for medical cannabis providers statewide. He has worked closely with elected officials, law enforcement, collective operators, and community members in local implementation efforts in several California cities and counties, and is currently working with lawmakers in Sacramento to adopt legislation to expand rights for patients.

Mr. Duncan co-founded one of the oldest and most reputable families of medical cannabis dispensing collectives in California, helping to open legal facilities in Berkeley, West Hollywood, and Los Angeles. He is a leading consultant in the field of medical cannabis and has been featured in major media coverage, including 60 Minutes, Dan Rather Reports, Retirement Living TV, and the Los Angeles Times.


Aria Mildice, National Field Liaison

phone: (202) 857.4272 x. 2

Aria graduated from The George Washington University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in History and Political Science, where she also served as the Event Coordinator for the GW chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy. In the past, as ASA’s intern, Aria worked with chapters across the country and coordinated outreach for ASA’s The Truth About Medical Marijuana educational series.

As National Field Liaison, Aria is responsible for working with all ASA allies to foster active and engaged chapters, members, and outreach to the public at large. Specifically, Aria’s work focuses on implementing a national field strategy for achieving federal legislative priorities; supporting grassroots and direct advocacy with ASA chapters, affiliates, and allies; and building ASA membership nationwide.


Patient Focused Certification


Kristin Nevedal, Patient Focused Certification Program Director

phone: (202) 857.4272 x. 9

Kristin Nevedal is the Director of the Patient Focused Certification Program. Before joining ASA she co-founded and served on the board of the Emerald Growers Association whose mission is to promote the medicinal, environmental, social, and economic benefits of lawfully cultivated sun-grown medical cannabis from California’s Emerald Triangle region by advocating for public policies that foster a healthy, sustainable medical cannabis industry.

As chair of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Cannabis Committee’s Cultivation Working Group, Kristin assisted in the development of cannabis cultivation model regulations and best practices for agency consideration. Kristin is also an instructor at Oaksterdam University, teaching classes on environmental sustainability and Best Management Practices.

Kristin’s broad policy and advocacy experience also includes serving as a board member for the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform (CCPR), Californians to Regulate Medical Marijuana (CRMM), Americans for Safe Access’s Patient Focused Certification Program, and the 420 Archives.



Timothy-Paul Murphy, Patient Focused Certification Program Manager

phone: (202) 857.4272 x. 5

Timothy-Paul Murphy has worked with cannabis his entire professional life. His father was a park ranger and he spent his youth living in state and national parks all over the country. Moving around frequently taught him to make friends quickly and to appreciate many different points of view. At the College of William and Mary, his studies focused on government and the US civil rights movement. Noticing parallels between the Jim Crow era and America’s archaic approach to drug policy led him to his first job at the Marijuana Policy Project, where he oversaw a small development team. In 2016, Murphy joined ASA to manage its Patient Focused Certification program. When he’s not advocating for the development of a mature and professional marijuana industry, Murphy enjoys playing tennis, blaring rap music, and cooking.



Jahan Marcu, PhD, Chief Auditor


Dr. Jahan Marcu serves as both Chief Scientist for Americans For Safe Access and Chief Auditor for Patient Focused Certification and serves on multiple government, trade and scientific committees including: AHPA, ACS-CANN, AOCS, AOAC, ASA, IACM, IMCPC, and ICCI. He is proud to have authored the American Herbal Pharmacopeia Cannabis Monograph. Dr. Marcu's work has focused on the structure and function of
cannabinoid receptors, the anti-cancer properties of cannabis compounds, as well as method development & validation for analyzing complex formulations. He was the recipient of the very first Billy Martin Research Award by the International Cannabinoid Research Society. Dr. Marcu is also a court-qualified synthetic cannabinoid and cannabis expert.



Jill Lamoureux, Patient Focused Certification Board Chair


Jill’s background is in toll road operations and municipal bond finance; she received an MBA from the University of Denver in 1999.  Jill has been a leader in Colorado’s medical marijuana industry since 2008 when she and her husband began one of the state’s most respected multi-location dispensary operations.  She is a founding member of and served as the first woman Chairman of the National Cannabis Industry Association.  Jill has presented on medical marijuana business topics and has taught CLE courses on rules and regulations nationally and in Canada.  She was the only business owner to serve on both the Department of Revenue and Department of Health regulatory advisory workgroups.  Jill developed the Patient Focused Certification program for Americans for Safe Access and serves as its Program Director.  Recently, she served as a subject matter expert consulting to the BOTEC team advising Washington State on rule-making issues for recreational marijuana operations.

As a former dispensary and cultivation owner and operator, she brings first-hand experience to her compliance work and procedures writing.  Jill has provided regulatory consulting for all three medical marijuana trade associations in Colorado and holds contracts with both legal and consulting groups providing compliance, application management, and writing services.  Currently, Jill is working on applications and procedures for dispensaries, manufacturers, and cultivation facilities in Massachusetts with Vicente Sederberg, LLC and in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Illinois, Nevada, the District of Columbia, and Canada with Denver Relief Consulting.