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Dec 032002

US Drug Czar in Vancouver - Americans for Safe Access

  • December 03, 2002 7:00 PM


Marc and friends and members of the BCMP covertly acquired a table at a luncheon-speech organized by the Vancouver Board of Trade and featuring the US Drug Czar John Walters. If only this Narco-Nazi got this kind of greeting everywhere he took his trail of lies! Great newsclips and an eyewitness account of John Walters visit to Vancouver's cannabis friendly cafe The Amsterdam.

Dec 032002

Inhumane policy - Americans for Safe Access

  • December 03, 2002 7:00 PM

Alan Silverman, Letter to Editor of the Press Democrat,

EDITOR: To Chief Mike Dunbaugh and Santa Rosa City Council members: In this large and complex world of politics and legalities, it is becoming more difficult to effect positive change on society. One almost feels helpless. There is one thing we can do at the local level that will dramatically increase the spiritual health and well-being of those sick and dying patients who need the assistance of medicinal marijuana for personal health reasons.
Nov 292002

Study: Most Medical Pot Users Older Men - Americans for Safe Access

  • November 29, 2002 7:00 PM

Danny Freedman, Associated Press ,

WASHINGTON (AP) - The typical medicinal marijuana user is likely to resemble someone from the Baby Boom generation - or older - rather than a 20-something poster child, according to a congressional study. Data collected in Hawaii and Oregon - two of the eight states allowing marijuana use for medical treatment - show the majority of users are males, 40 years old or older, who take the drug for severe pain or persistent muscle spasms, said the report.
Nov 292002

Reefer Madness - Americans for Safe Access

  • November 29, 2002 7:00 PM

Bill Keller, New York Times,

We interrupt our coverage of the war on terrorism to check in with that other permanent conflict against a stateless enemy, the war on drugs. To judge by the glee at the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, the drug warriors have just accomplished the moral equivalent of routing the Taliban — helping to halt a relentless jihad against the nation's drug laws.
Nov 232002

Ruling forces dismissal of medical marijuana case - Americans for Safe Access

  • November 23, 2002 7:00 PM

Glenda Anderson, The Ukiah Daily Journal,

A new California Supreme Court ruling that enhanced medical marijuana users' and growers' rights has, for the first time in this county, resulted in dismissal of a court case. 'Justice has finally been served,' Public Defender Jeff Thoma said Friday after the two-year-old marijuana cultivation case against Whale Gulch residents Bill Matthews and Kathy Honzik was dismissed. The defendants also were pleased. 'My graying process will slow down a little bit,' said Matthews, whose long hair and beard currently are salt-and-pepper, heavy on the salt.
Nov 202002

Nov 202002

Pot Raids Spur Calls to Quit Working With DEA - Americans for Safe Access

  • November 20, 2002 7:00 PM

Eric Bailey, LA Times,

SACRAMENTO -- Reacting to raids of California medical marijuana cooperatives by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, several cities around the state are pushing local police to stop cooperating with federal agents. The City Council of Sebastopol became the latest to approve a resolution supporting California's medical marijuana law and asking that the municipal police force avoid working with the DEA. Sebastopol's vote Tuesday night is expected to be followed in a few weeks by similar action in neighboring Santa Rosa.
Nov 192002

Sebastopol OKs pot resolution
Police force encouraged to withhold aid to DEA in medical marijuana cases - Americans for Safe Access

  • November 19, 2002 7:00 PM

Paul Payne, Press Democrat,

Stepping into a conflict over medical marijuana, the Sebastopol City Council on Tuesday discouraged their police force from cooperating with federal drug agents. By a 3-1 vote, the council passed a resolution in support of the 1996 ballot initiative that allowed people to grow and use marijuana with a doctor's recommendation. The medical exception to state laws against growing or using marijuana isn't recognized by the federal government, which prohibits any use of the drug. Backed by a U.S.
Nov 052002

San Francisco Voters Approve City Cannabis Distribution - Americans for Safe Access

  • November 05, 2002 7:00 PM

Ann Harrison, Agence France-Presse,

San Francisco, CA (AFP)-- The city of San Francisco may soon begin cultivating their own lush crop of world-renowned California marijuana. Voters here have enthusiastically supported a ballot measure directing their city officials to consider growing and distributing medical cannabis.

Proposition S, which passed by 63%, could make San Francisco the first city in US to provide cannabis for sick people. It will also put the city, and the state of California, on a direct collision course with the federal government.

Oct 302002

A Win for Medical Marijuana - Americans for Safe Access

  • October 30, 2002 7:00 PM

NY Times,

A federal appeals court in California this week struck an important blow for medical marijuana, and for the First Amendment. It held that the government cannot revoke the licenses of doctors who recommend marijuana to their patients. The federal government should now abandon its misguided policy of targeting doctors and sick people to fight marijuana use. The ruling gives new life to the medical marijuana initiative, also known as Proposition 215, which California voters passed in 1996.