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Oct 142014

The saga continues - Americans for Safe Access

2061293_1409785819.0382.jpgLocal media continue to ignore real corruption in Modesto last week, while one local organization steps in to fill the void created by the Modesto Narcotics Enforcement Team (MNET). This branch of the Modesto Police Department, has knowingly stole patients’ medicine for the second year in a row by arresting Stephen Boski of The Healing Connection and confiscating the CBD rich extracts used by families to treat childhood epilepsy among other illnesses.

Collective Patient Resources (CPR) is a community organization that advocates for medical cannabis patients in the tri-county region of Amador, Tuolumne, and Calaveras counties. Their joy is to provide free cannabis medicine to patients with terminal illness while also fundraising for local community needs, like keeping the Valley Springs Youth Center open.

Oct 132014

Wisconsin Patients Receive Oregon Medical Cards - Americans for Safe Access

Dennis Brennan

Forty-eight Wisconsin medical marijuana patients this year got their Oregon medicinal cannabis authorizations at the annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest. "But wait," you may be thinking. "They live in Wisconsin, not Oregon." That's entirely true -- but according to those in the know, having an out-of-state medical marijuana authorization gives these patients some legal cover should the police come calling.

The authorizations were issued by THCF Medical Clinics at the Harvest Fest as part of something called The Ben Masel Project. Masel was a famous Yippie activist based in Madison who started the Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest; he died suddenly from cancer three and a half years ago. "The Oregon permit has saved several people in Wisconsin from arrest," THCF founder Paul Stanford told Hemp News. The fact that Oregon issues permits to out-of-state patients has been helpful to those in Wisconsin and other non-MMJ states, according to Stanford. "This weekend, we helped 48 patients in Wisconsin get Oregon medical marijuana permits, bringing in almost $10,000 in state fees for the Oregon Health Authority," Stanford told us. "Really, the Wisconsin Legislature should act to help its sick and dying patients, and keep those funds in Wisconsin."


Oct 132014

Columbus, WI accepts new ordinance! - Americans for Safe Access

Harvest Day March

After two separate occasions of petitioning the 5,000 residents of the city of Columbus Wisconsin, the small city has decided to implement the ordinance that would decriminalize the use of cannabis for medical patients that are under the care of their doctor. The acceptance of the ordinance wasn't due to signed petitions. The first petition that was circulated in the middle of winter was handed in late therefore nullifying over thirty signatures leaving a deficit of seven signatures. The second petition was circulated in the summer however was compromised with fictitious names and addresses from an opponent who had sent friends to falsify the petition. 

Oct 132014

Do you know what's at stake in November?


  • Message from the CA Director: Do you know what's at stake in November?
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Be sure to join me online for the next live Google Hangout on Thursday, October 16, at 7:00 PM to talk about local ballot measures and what’s at stake for medical cannabis in the November 4 elections. Voters will decide on twelve measures related to medical cannabis in ten different cities and counties this year. There are important legislative races that will help to define next year’s political landscape and an interesting development in the race for Attorney General (see the News section for more details on that).

Oct 092014

Vote Medical Marijuana Launches New TV Ad - Americans for Safe Access

On_Hold_Youtube_Thumbnail_.jpg has just released a new 30-second online advertisement to launch its survey drive for for this year's election-cycle educational campaign. 

The ad "Don't Leave Voters on Hold", encourages elected officials and candidates to state their position on medical marijuana. 

Watch our latest ad "Don't Leave Voters on Hold

Oct 072014

44th Annual Midwest Harvestfest - Americans for Safe Access

Madison Harvest Fest 2014Wisconsin held the 44th annual Midwest Harvestfest on October 5th. Wisconsin Chapter of ASA marched along side of thousands of others fighting for their human right to choose a medication with less side effects and simply works better than pharmaceuticals.  Doctor Angela Janis, Rep. Chris Taylor, Sen Melissa Sargent, Bunny Balk and others spoke at the event and supporting legalization in Wisconsin. 

IMMLY: Founder Jacki Rickert receives Defender of Liberty Award

For more information, contact Gary Storck: 608-241-8922, 


Madison: Is My Medicine Legal YET? (IMMLY) Founder and Wisconsin medical cannabis act namesake Jacki Rickert received Wisconsin/Madison NORML's Ben Masel Defender of Liberty award Sunday afternoon at the 44th Annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival on the State St. steps of the Wisconsin State Capitol. ~Gary Stork Author

Wisconsin Chapter of ASA marched along side of thousands of others fighting for their human right to choose a medication with less side effects and simply works better than pharmaceuticals.  Doctor Angela Janis, Rep. Chris Taylor, Sen Melissa Sargent, Bunny Balk and others spoke at the event and supporting legalization in Wisconsin. 


Oct 062014

5% used medical cannabis, 92% found relief - Americans for Safe Access

Group of peopleContents:

  • Message from the CA Director: 5% used medical cannabis, 92% found relief
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Did you see the stories about a new study released last week about the prevalence of medical cannabis use in California? The study shows that 5% of Californians have used medical cannabis, and 92% of those report that it provided relief for a serious medical condition. This is big news. The research debunks the misperception that healthy people are overusing medical cannabis. Almost all of the 1.4 million Californians who have used medical cannabis used it successfully to treat the symptoms of a serious medical condition - chronic pain, arthritis, migraine, cancer, AIDS, glaucoma, muscle spasms, nausea, stress, and depression.

Oct 012014

US Senators for WA Must Find Patient-Friendly Replacement for Durkan - Americans for Safe Access

photo.JPGWith the resignation of U.S. Attorney for Western Washington Jenny Durkan, patients in Washington State need to make sure that her replacement will show at least the same level of respect for our medical cannabis program. That is why ASA-WA is having its voice heard by organizing patients at monthly meetings and asking everyone to send letters to Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell that explain the importance of protecting patient’s safe access when making their recommendations for Durkan’s replacement.    

Senators Murray and Cantwell need to hear from the Washington medical cannabis patient community because of the great influence they wield in determining the next U.S. Attorney for Western Washington.  If they recommend a patient-friendly replacement for Durkan, they can help deter raids from federal law enforcement agencies.

Oct 012014

A lot of Californians use medical cannabis, it works, and that matters - Americans for Safe Access

Drug and Alcohol Review coverA new study shows that 1.4 million Californians have used medical cannabis and an overwhelming majority of those users (92%) believe cannabis helped treat the symptoms of a serious medical condition. The study, which will be published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Review, challenges the commonly held perception that medical cannabis is being overused by healthy people and demonstrates that California’s medical cannabis laws are providing real relief to a lot of people. This scientific data is important and timely, given that lawmakers, voters, and the courts will be making important decisions in the next two years that will affect who can get medical cannabis and how for years to come. Those choices need to be informed by facts, not misperceptions. 

Read the abstract and buy copies of “Prevalence of medical marijuana use in California, 2012”, Drug and Alcohol Review (2014), DOI 10.111/dar. 12207 here.

Sep 302014

Wisconsin's first pro-cannabis billboard - Americans for Safe Access


The League of Marijuana Voters launched a billboard Monday that highlights two Wisconsin state senators' obstruction of medical marijuana legalization. The first ever billboard advocating for medical marijuana legislation in Wisconsin is part of a new campaign targeting Senators Leah Vukmir (R-Wauwatosa) and Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) for preventing passage of a bill that would allow people suffering from debilitating conditions to use medical marijuana if their doctors recommend it. The group is coordinating with the local Southeastern Wisconsin NORML chapter to raise awareness in the Senators' districts.

The billboard, which faces eastbound traffic on I-94 by 121st St. in West Allis, features silhouettes of the two legislators, their names, and their phone numbers. It reads, "WI patients have NO access to medical marijuana," and encourages voters to, "Ask [them] why!" The ad will run from September 29 through November 9. The billboard was designed by a volunteer and paid for by more than 100 individual donors. Planning and fundraising for more billboards around the state are currently underway.