Massachusetts Producer & Provider Info


“Registered marijuana dispensaries” (RMDs) will be licensed to both grow and sell medical cannabis. As of Most patients will obtain cannabis from one of the state’s registered marijuana dispensaries, but under limited hardship circumstances and until dispensaries are operational, patients and caregivers may cultivate up to a 60-day supply of cannabis. Dispensaries will be required to provide medicine at discounted rates for low-income residents. Homebound patients are allowed secure home delivery, and personal caregivers can pick up medicine at dispensaries on behalf of patients under their care.

MA Department of Public Health has more informationapplication forms, and a list of licensed RMDs currently providing medical cannabis.

Training Requirements:

The training requirements as set forth in the Code of Massachusetts Regulations are as follows:

(H) Dispensary Agent Training. RMDs shall ensure that all dispensary agents complete training prior to performing job functions. Training shall be tailored to the roles and responsibilities of the job function of each dispensary agent, and at a minimum must include training on confidentiality, and other topics as specified by the Department. At a minimum, staff shall receive 8 hours of on-going training annually.

105 CMR 725.105(H).

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