Standards Development

In 2011 ASA began working with AHPA, the principal U.S. trade association and voice of the herbal products industry since 1982, to bring their knowledge and expertise to the medical cannabis industry and with AHP, an organization that has developing qualitative and therapeutic monographs on Western herbs most frequently used in the United States since 1994 to create a Cannabis monograph.

The first step in ASA’s work with AHPA was to bring medical cannabis industry members from around the country together to form AHPA’s Cannabis Committee to create a series of “recommendations for regulators.” These recommendations provide standards to regulate the medical cannabis industry in the areas of 1) manufacturing, packaging and labeling; 2) analytics; 3) dispensary operations; and 4) cultivation. ASA’s decade-long experience in drafting legislation, developing regulations, and educating and training medical cannabis providers, combined with AHPA’s 30-year history of developing standards for the herbal products industry, provides the knowledge and expertise to evaluate the quality of medical cannabis products and distribution systems.

AHPA has since issued standards for commercial medical cannabis products, as well as the reliability and quality of related services and AHP has issued a monograph on Cannabis that now joins over 300 botanicals that are used in the US. PFC certifies compliance with state and local regulations as well as AHPA and AHP standards and provides standardized industry training to ensure adherence.

PFCs audits are based on AHPA guidelines and AHP standards and modified to include state and local regulations. All audit forms and materials are vetted through the PFC review board.

ASA has been offering trainings to the medical cannabis industry for over a decade and holds a permit from the District of Columbia for mandatory industry trainings. PFC industry trainings are hosted at Cannabis Training Institute.  Such trainings are mandatory in some states such as DC, MA, NV, CT, and AZ and for businesses seeking PFC certification. The courses are also a great tool for those hoping to enter the medical cannabis industry.