Will I be able to use medical marijuana while on federal Supervised Release?


Sadly, because medical marijuana is illegal under federal law, medical marijuana patients who are on federal Supervised Release (which is like probation) do not have the right to use their medicine. However, a patient does have the right under federal law to try to get a prescription for Marinol while on supervised release if she or he believes that Marinol will be help ease the symptoms of her or his condition. See FAQ Civil 1 Section I.E. to learn more about how to get a Marinol prescription.

However, please note that some federal defendant patients have had a difficult time getting approval from the U.S. Attorney or federal probation officer to even use Marinol, a legally prescribable Schedule III drug. Because of their concern that positive results on most drug tests cannot differentiate between the presence of Marinol and medical marijuana (while the federal government does have access to testing that can differentiate, it is not widely utilized), many tend to stand as obstacles between your and the medication you need. Your first step is to educate them about your condition and your need to have a medicine that eases a particular symptom, and why the THC in the Marinol will specifically help you.

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