Washington Take Action! Demand your Representatives vote YES on the Patient Protection amendment 5052-S2

A bipartisan group of leaders introduced the Patient Protection amendment to the most recent version of the bill last night, and we need your help to get the votes to get this amendment included!

Click here to send an email to your Representatives asking them to vote YES on the Patient Protection amendment (5052-S2 AMH APPL BLAC 080). Without this amendment included in the final House version of the bill, we are asking Representatives to vote NO on SB 5052.

The effects of SB 5052 without this amendment could be devastating. Your quick action to send your Representative our email asking them to vote YES will help us have stronger debate on the floor, and gain more votes for the crucial protections patients need in medical cannabis legislation.

Thank you for your support and your quick action!  Together we can make progress for patients.