Washington Medical Cannabis Legal Manual

A Note from Americans for Safe Access



We are committed to ensuring safe, legal availability of marijuana for medical uses. This legal manual describes the law on medical cannabis as it applies to patients and caregivers in this state. In this legal manual you'll find information on:

Mission of Americans for Safe Access

Patients’ Rights Project

Chapter 1: Medical Cannabis Laws

Chapter 2: Participating in the State Program

Chapter 3: Being Prepared

  • Sensible Medical Marijuana Use
  • Being a Good Neighbor
  • Being Prepared in Advance for Successful Law Enforcement Encounters
  • Security Culture

Chapter 4: Law Enforcement Encounters

  • Law Enforcement Encounters
  • Reasonable Suspicion vs. Probable Cause
  • Searches
  • Questioning
  • Know Your Rights
  • Miranda Rights
  • Arrest and Search Warrants
  • Informants and Government Agents
  • Phone Calls in Jail
  • Taking Notes

Chapter 5: Demystifying the Legal System

  • Getting Out of Jail
  • Going to Court
  • Court Support and Organizing During Trials

Chapter 6: Take Action