Use Common Sense

Consider safety when you choose to medicate; cannabis smoke and vapor have very distinctive smells. You will attract less attention if you do not consume cannabis in plain view or near open windows.

Do not drive your car while smoking. If law enforcement officers smell cannabis smoke, they can search your vehicle. If you are going somewhere, medicate after you arrive, or bring your medicine in edible form. Please note that Alaska’s medical marijuana laws won't protect you from charges of driving under the influence of cannabis or smoking in public.

Although it may help with dosages and rationing, packaging your medicine in eighth- or quarter-ounce baggies looks suspicious. Cannabis actually stores better in glass jars or airtight plastic containers in cool dark places.

If you have permission to cultivate, fewer plants attract less attention from thieves and others who may wish you harm, so be realistic about the amount of cannabis you will need.

Try to limit the amount of cannabis you have with you at any given time.  While you may seal your medication in airtight containers, there is still a distinctive odor that is hard to prevent and can lead to law enforcement encounters.  The less medicine you have with you, the less smell there is.