Tell Us Your Story of Chronic Pain

chronic-pain-opioid.jpgOpiates such as hydrocodone and oxycontin have a high risk of being abused and can have long term negative effects on overall health. In fact, nearly 91 people die from opioid abuse every day. In states where there is a comprehensive medical cannabis program, opioid deaths have been reduced by nearly 25%.

No person should have to live their life in a state of constant pain, and no doctor or patient should be constrained to a single option in the management of severe and chronic pain.

Please share with us your story of living with chronic pain, and how the opioid epidemic has affected you.

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  • John Macdonald

    commented 2017-10-28 20:21:21 -0400

  • Eric Janero

    commented 2017-10-19 21:00:50 -0400
    I’ve had worsening health issues since I was 17, I’m 34 now, and only recently after my 4th major surgery, tons of pills, an implanted morphine pump, Ketamine Infusions, and everything else my doctors could think of, my pain doctor asked me if I’d be willing to try cannabis. Since I was living in Austin, TX at the time though, cannabis is illegal whether it’s medical or not there so she couldn’t officially recommend it, nor was there anywhere to legally purchase it. Despite those hurdles I was able to find some medical-grade cannabis flower, but after years of high dose opioids and other prescriptions it just wasn’t strong enough to provide much relief. A bit discouraged by the whole situation, the lack of available products or even basic information, I spent a long time doing research online. I quickly learned that I needed to try concentrates and edibles, but I also learned there were a million different products available in a million different strains and dosages, and essentially zero guidance for patients. I started messaging companies in Colorado and California trying to learn as much as I could. I had to try to narrow things down, because the truth is it’s hard enough just trying to survive when you’re on disability, let alone have extra money to fly across the country to buy and try a bunch of products. So with all that information I was able to narrow things down, and I flew out of state to give them a try.

    Within minutes of vaporizing cannabis concentrate my pain, nausea, and muscle spasms began decreasing. I was getting 40-60% better symptom relief than all the pills gave me. So now, after having moved to California just to have access to these products, and after using them for several months, I have been able to get off more than 10 strong prescriptions. I’m also in the process of reducing my implanted morphine pump dose too, and will hopefully be able to get rid of it all together at some point after my upcoming procedure and surgery.

    I’m beyond grateful to have discovered how life-changing and effective cannabis can be, but the fact that I had to pack up my life and move across the country just to get proper medical treatment is criminal. It’s also wrong and honestly shameful that all the prescriptions I use to take cost only a $2.90 copay each, whereas cannabis is costing me over $600 per month since of course it isn’t covered by insurance, despite the fact that it works better, is healthier, and is my recommended treatment by my doctors just as any other medication that is covered would be. Governmental policy, especially healthcare policy, should be backed by actual science, not fear and propaganda. No one should have to jump through all these hoops just to get effective medical treatment.

  • Marissa Valeri

    published this page in Share 2017-09-08 14:57:25 -0400