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Stand up for Your Rights! Yakima Stakeholders Meeting on Tues, 5pm

| October 28, 2013 |

ASA, along with our Washington Chapter and campaign partners, will be hosting a public stakeholder meeting on Tuesday, October 29 in Yakima. The goal of the meeting is to build a consensus about what patients want to see in the recommendations...

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Effort is aimed at protecting Washington's medical marijuana law while state implements full legalization initiative

| August 13, 2013 |

Seattle, WA -- Medical marijuana patients across Washington have begun a campaign called "Health Before Happy Hour" to educate the Washington State Legislature and Governor Jay Inslee that the needs of patients are much different from those of recreational marijuana users,...

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Kal Penn of "Harold & Kumar" off-base for defending Obama attacks in medical marijuana states

| May 03, 2013 |

Last week, Kal Penn, who plays Kumar in the “stoner” film franchise Harold & Kumar, spoke to Huffington Post Live about President Obama’s marijuana policies. During the April 26th interview, Penn defended recent Justice Department attacks on dispensaries in medical...

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Research on Health-Related Quality of Life in Medical Cannabis-Using Patients

| March 27, 2013 |

In August 2012, I published an article based on my PhD research in the American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine which documented symptom relief and health-related quality of life in a surveyed series of medical cannabis using patients in Washington State who were...

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Medical Cannabis News

| July 06, 2012 |

News from around the nation about medical cannabis. The quiet initiative - the push for medical marijuana - Arkansas Blog Three myths of the medical marijuana patient - Toke of the Town 'Mary Jane: The Musical' examines Humboldt County's pot...

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Democratic Party grassroots break with Obama on cannabis

| July 05, 2012 |

In a sign that the Obama Administration’s tough line on state medical cannabis laws is out of touch with his grassroots support, local Democratic Party organizations are formally endorsing medical marijuana laws - and even legalization.The North Carolina Democratic Party...

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Why we fight for medical cannabis - and how Congress can help us win

| May 08, 2012 |

One month ago I traveled to California for an event in San Francisco. The morning before the event, I awoke to the news that the Drug Enforcement Administration was raiding Blue Sky, a dispensary in Oakland. It was heartening to...

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DC Inches Closer to Safe Access, Provisionally Approves 4 Dispensaries

| April 13, 2012 |

The D.C. Deparment of Health's Health Regulation and Licensing Administration (HRLA) finally unveiled the names of the business that will be directly providing safe access through dispensaries to the District's medical cannabis patients. Yesterday, the HRLA announced which dispensary applicants received scores...

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Washington Raids Indicate Need for State Wide Protection!

| November 21, 2011 |

Drug Enforcement Agents executed warrants on fifteen medical cannabis access points across the state of Washington last week.  US Attorney Jenny Durkan alleges that the access points were using the state law to conceal criminal activity and money laundering; however,...

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Congress to AG Holder: Let States Implement Medical Marijuana Laws without Federal Interference

| June 23, 2011 |

          Congressional members Barney Frank (D-MA) and Jared Polis (D-CO) wrote to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder earlier this week urging him to re-avow his commitment to an October 2009 memorandum that de-emphasized federal enforcement regarding medical marijuana.The 2009 memo was...

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