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Washington Advocacy

| October 06, 2015 |

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Three remaining Kettle Falls Five defendants found guilty of manufacturing less than 100 plants, likely to appeal

| March 04, 2015 |

In an unexpected verdict today, the jury in a widely watched federal medical marijuana case from eastern Washington State, known as the Kettle Falls Five, acquitted the three remaining defendants of all but one charge of manufacturing less than 100 marijuana plants....

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Government continues prosecution despite Congressional ban on interfering with implementation of state law

| February 24, 2015 |

Trial starts Wednesday in a widely watched federal medical marijuana case from eastern Washington State known as the Kettle Falls Five. The Obama Administration is aggressively pursuing marijuana trafficking charges against a family of patients who claim to have been growing for...

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California’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control is the wrong place for medicine

| May 06, 2014 |

AB 1894, a bill by California Assembly Member Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), is designed to better regulate commercial medical cannabis activity in California. That is long overdue, and Assembly Member Ammiano is to be commended on his leadership on the...

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Warning from Washington: Alcoholic Beverage Control Will Ruin Medical Marijuana in California

| April 21, 2014 |

California legislators will vote Tuesday on a bill that would regulate the production and distribution of medical marijuana (cannabis) across the state. AB 1894, the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Control Act, was introduced by Assembly member Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco)...

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ASA’s DC Conference is underway!

| April 06, 2014 |

ASA’s National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference is underway at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel in the heart of Washington, DC. More than two hundred and fifty patients, scientists, industry workers, and other stakeholders will meet for a second day today, before...

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Ask your US Representative to sign Rep. Blumenhauer's letter

| February 03, 2014 |

US Representative Earl Blumenhauer (D-OR) is sending a letter to President Obama asking him to follow his recent comments on cannabis and its classification under federal law with action. Will you call your US Representative today and ask him or...

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Representative Sherry Appleton Joins With Coalition of Patient Advocates to Defend Washington’s Medical Cannabis Law

| January 13, 2014 |

Seattle, WA -- Patients, doctors and caregivers have formed a powerful coalition to keep medical cannabis from being eliminated in the face of Initiative 502 implementation -- and to prove they mean business, the group has introduced a bill on...

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The New Battleground In Washington State

| November 20, 2013 |

The eyes of the world are on Washington right now. Together with Colorado, we are the guinea pigs in a grand experiment to legalize marijuana. No other state has done this before and there’s bound to be some mistakes along...

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Recommendations are part of statewide public comment period, culminating with Nov. 13th public hearing

| November 08, 2013 |

Seattle, WA -- Medical marijuana advocacy group Americans for Safe Access (ASA) filed recommendations yesterday for the Washington State legislature, based on a series of patient and provider stakeholder meetings held last week in Bellingham, Olympia, Seattle, Spokane, and Yakima....

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