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  • Hello from Washington, DC

    Hello from Washington, DC. ASA’s National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference is underway! I am going to the US Capitol Building with almost 100 Californians tomorrow for our third annual Citizen Lobby Day to support the CARERS Act – an unprecedented bill that would finally end federal interference and intimidation in California.

    While we lobby Congress tomorrow, our state and local lawmakers will still be trying to figure out what to do with medical cannabis in California. Sacramento Bee reporter Jim Araby argues it is time to regulate the state’s “Wild West” approach to medical cannabis, and a new study on water use and cannabis cultivation will pressure lawmakers to crack down. The state legislature has scheduled four hearings on medical cannabis bills – and more are on the way! Meanwhile, cities and counties all over the state continue the nineteen-year old debate about how to handle to medical cannabis.

    Read about all the medical cannabis news, events, meetings, and court support requests in ASA’s California Weekly Roundup for Monday, March 30, 2015.

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  • Let's see some CA in DC

    US Capitol BuildingAre you one of the Californians getting ready for ASA’s National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference and Citizen Lobby Day in Washington, DC? I would like to see hundreds of patients, doctors, industry workers, and grassroots advocates at the conference and in the halls of Congress this year. Register today so you can meet the most important people in medical cannabis, get the latest information about science and politics, and help make a difference. ASA will make an appointment for you to meet your US Representative and Senator when you sign up. Do it now… Only twelve days left!

    Meanwhile in California, the local debate about regulating medical cannabis goes on. Advocates in Costa Mesa are planning to sue after the city backed off on plans to regulate local access. We have two very different perspectives on medical cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles from last week – a pictorial essay on the city’s diverse facilities and the latest academic research on the implementation of Measure D from UCLA. The City of San Diego beat a legal challenge to its medical cannabis ordinance and approved two more dispensaries last week.

    Get all the medical cannabis news, events, and court support requests in ASA’s CA Weekly Roundup for Monday, March 16, 2015.

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  • Why I Am Going

    Airplane sunsetI will be joining hundreds of other medical cannabis advocates in Washington, DC, March 27-31 for ASA’s third annual National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference and Citizen Lobby Day. I am going because, in the wake of last year’s historic vote to end funding for federal interference, there has never been this much momentum for a comprehensive national medical cannabis policy. I am excited to talk with patients, researchers, industry leaders, and other advocates about what is on the horizon for medical cannabis. But I am even more excited to talk face-to-face with members of Congress about what we want to see in a bill this year!

    I want to see as many Californians in DC as possible. What Congress does with medical cannabis will have a big impact on patients and the industry that serves them. We know the best outcomes for stakeholder come when they have a seat at the table. Your voice really matters. Research shows that visits from ordinary citizens are six times more likely to influence lawmakers than visits from a paid lobbyist!

    If you have not done so already, get registered and make your travel arrangements now. Have a look at the “ASA Website Spotlight” section of this message to learn about a free tool ASA has designed to help you raise money to be a part of this important event.

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  • What's next depends on you, CA

    US Capitol BuildingContents:

    • Message from the CA Director: What's next depends on you, CA

    • State & Local News: National, California, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Yuba County, San Diego, Inland Empire

    • Public Meetings & Events: Los Angeles, Marysville, Washington DC

    • Court Support: Redding

    • Take Action Now: Support the Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Act, Join the ASA-CCSA Discussion List, Expand the Green Zone

    • ASA Website Spotlight: National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference 2015

    • Chapter & Affiliate Meetings: San Francisco, East Bay, Lake County

    By the time you read this message, it may already be illegal for the US Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate, raid, arrest, and prosecute medical cannabis patients and providers in California. Congress passed a historic budget bill on Saturday night that includes an amendment removing any funds for federal interference in states with medical cannabis laws. The President could sign it at any time. 

    ASA started working on this amendment soon after patients and caregivers established the organization in California in 2002. I want to say a special thank you to everyone who helped us get here!

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  • Take advantage of early-bird registration for the conference

    Register_Now_Graphic.jpgASA is hosting out third annual national conference March 27-31, 2015, in Washington, DC. The National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference 2015 will be our largest and most important conference yet. Hundreds of patients, advocates, scientists, and industry leaders will meet at the Lowes Madison Hotel in the heart of downtown for three days of networking, education, and action. This will be the premier medical cannabis event of the year. Will you be there?

    The issue of medical cannabis has never been more visible in the national media or present in the minds of lawmakers. The medical cannabis industry and movement are evolving faster than ever before. Plan right now to join leaders in the science, politics, and activism of medical cannabis from all overt the United States and the world.  You will have a front row seat for the exciting conversations about the future of medical cannabis in the United States and play an active and important role in shaping public policy. 

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