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  • Tennessee Takes a Step Back in Pursuit of Medical Cannabis

    Tennessee patients who need access to medical cannabis will have to continue waiting. Despite the opportunity to pass a bill that would have legalized medical cannabis in Tennessee, lawmakers, particularly in the Senate were apprehensive to move the bill forward. Instead, lawmakers elected to form a task force to determine the path towards legalizing medical cannabis in the State.

    Patients should not have to continue to wait for medicine they need.

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  • Tennessee Advocacy

    ASA relies on the strength of our grassroots activists to fight for medical cannabis at the local and state levels. The best way for new advocates to get involved is by joining or starting a chapter to work on local issues. If there are not any local resources near to you, consider starting your own official ASA Chapter or Action Group!

    Chapters, Actions Groups, or Affiliates:

    Safe Access Tennessee Chapter

    Chairman: David C. Hairston, CPA
    [email protected]
    Skype: davidchairston
    +1 615 545 0405