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  • State medical cannabis programs failing to make enough progress, advocacy group finds

    Americans for Safe Access nonprofit issued 13 failing grades to state medical cannabis programs, including Idaho, which outlaws marijuana in all forms

    By Adam Goldstein for Idaho Capital Sun

    WASHINGTON — A report from a patient advocacy group found the future of medical cannabis in the states is hazy unless costs are decreased, product safety standards are improved, and civil rights are strengthened for patients and prescribers.

    Americans for Safe Access issued its annual State of the States report on Thursday. The organization, a nonprofit, has put out the document to advocates and state policymakers since 2014, as a tool to “assess and improve medical cannabis programs.”

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  • Arizona’s Marijuana Industry Ranked As C- by ASA

    By Dan Kingston for

    “For 2022, ASA recommends that Arizona’s legislature protects patients’ stake in the existing market by creating a review board staffed by patients and physicians with independent regulatory control over medical cannabis operations in the state. Legislators should also allow telehealth practices for patient certification and renewals; many states made this popular measure permanent after temporarily allowing it as a pandemic safety measure. Finally, the state must take action to allow minors to medicate on school grounds, preferably with assistance from school staff such as a nurse.”

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  • Americans for Safe Access: Continuing the Fight for Patient Access

    By Cara Wietstock for Ganjapreneur

    There are currently 38 states in the US with THC-inclusive medical cannabis programs and only a handful of states where patients have no access to medical cannabis products. But when Steph Sherer founded Americans for Safe Access (ASA) in 2002, only eight states had medical cannabis programs and their primary focus was to provide patients with legal and safe access to cannabis medicine.

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  • With a low medical marijuana score, PA fights to get at-home growing

    By Brittany Valentine for AL DÍA

    In its 2021 State of the States Report, the California-based pro-cannabis advocacy group, Americans for Safe Access, Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana program received a C+ rating.
    Compared with the rest of the nation, Pennsylvania’s score is lower than the average, and scored especially low in categories such as affordability, medicine access, as well as health and social equity.
    One of the report’s main recommendations for the state is to allow patients to grow their own cannabis at home.

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  • Medical marijuana patients want to grow their own weed. Will the state let them?

    By Jordana Rosenfeld for Pittsburgh City Paper

    According to patients, caregivers, and their advocates, Pennsylvania’s Medical Marijuana Program leaves a lot to be desired. The program got a C+ in a recent report by California-based advocacy group Americans for Safe Access, which examined nationwide access to medical weed. Pennsylvania’s score is a full letter grade lower than the national average, and the state scored particularly low in categories such as affordability, access to medicine, and health and social equity. One of the report’s main recommendations? Allow patients to grow weed at home.

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  • Pennsylvania Ranked on National Medical Cannabis Report Card

    By Sven Hosford for Natural Awakenings Pittsburgh

    According to [Debbie] Churgai, “Pennsylvania did well on patient rights and civil protections, with an 80 out of 100 score, which is pretty good compared to a lot of other states. And program functionality, which is about purchase limits, possession limits, telemedicine, caregiver standards, things like that. They did decently in consumer protection and product safety as well, where they got 148 out of 200. Pennsylvania is doing pretty good and they are making improvements. Every year they do try to improve the program. There are some great legislators who are really focusing on this.”

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  • One of Texas' two medical cannabis suppliers puts San Antonio on 'short list' for dispensary

    By Sanford Nowlin for the San Antonio Current

    Earlier this year, Texas was one of 13 U.S. states and territories to land a failing grade on national medical cannabis advocacy group Americans for Safe Access' 2021 report card. Chief among the state's demerits were restrictive rules that had so far limited it to just two retailers, both located in Austin.
    "State legislators should address this critical lack of access," the report noted. "For a state as large as Texas, two retailers in a single city won’t cover it, even with the registry as small as it is."

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  • As New York allows legal weed, medical patients are left in the cold

    By Glenda Tyson for lohud

    In its annual report on the status of medical cannabis programs across the U.S., Americans for Safe Access, the nation’s largest cannabis patient organization, gave New York a D rating — barely a passing grade, due to especially low in the areas of patient access and affordability. This is certainly nothing to brag about.

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  • Colorado Receives a C+ in Medical Marijuana Access

    By Sophie Wells for Westword

    The state's biggest setback in the latest report card was the implementation of House Bill 21-1317, which ASA government affairs director Abbey Roudebush calls the "single biggest rollback of a state medical cannabis program that we have ever seen."

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  • Beto O'Rourke says the GOP-controlled Texas Legislature would back his plan to legalize weed

    By Sanford Nowlin for the San Antonio Current

    While Texas lawmakers did approve an expansion of the state's medical marijuana program during the previous session, the rules remain among the most restrictive in the nation. Earlier this year, advocacy group Americans for Safe Access slapped a failing grade on Texas' program, saying it was neither accessible nor practical.

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