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  • Pain Relief without Opioids: A local couple’s crusade

    By Evan Bury for NRVNews

    In the 2021 Medical Cannabis Access State Report Card by Americans for Safe Access, Virginia received an overall score of a D+. Virginia’s worst ranking was in the access to medicine category in which the state scored a 25/100.

    CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – Chris Reese and Sarah Vogl have dedicated the last four years of their lives to providing hemp-derived CBD and THC products to the New River Valley.

    “I am an advocate for cannabis for many reasons,” Reese said. “One of the most important reasons in the past few years has definitely been cancer. I lost my mom to cancer just a little over a year ago.”

    Reese and Vogl own a cannabis cafe in Christiansburg called Bear Dance Market & CBD Cafe, “a quaint smoothie cafe and cannabis store with a focus on product education,” according to their website.

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  • Report: No Medical Cannabis Markets Fully Meet Patients’ Needs

    In its annual “State of the States” report, Americans for Safe Access (ASA) gave 13 state medical cannabis programs failing grades.

    In the report, the ASA gave failing grades to Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming. Idaho and Nebraska, the last two states without medical cannabis access, both got a zero.

    No state earned an A, but Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, and Rhode Island got the highest grade on the ASA report card, a B+.

    Massachusetts earned a C+. According to the report, “medical cannabis sales in Massachusetts have reached almost $1 billion since the medical cannabis program was approved in 2018. Despite this promising sales number, Massachusetts did not make any noticeable improvements to the medical cannabis program in the past year.

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  • Republican-sponsored medical marijuana bill seen as pro-weed lobby’s best chance in Texas this year

    By Lucero Lopez, San Antonio Express-News, Austin Bureau

    While expansion of the compassionate use program offers more options for Texans, the state would continue to have one of the most restrictive medical marijuana programs in the country, according to a recent Americans for Safe Access report.

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  • Report: Kentucky Gets Failing Grade for Medical Cannabis Program

    By Adam Goldstein for the Ohio Capital Journal

    A report from a patient advocacy group found the future of medical cannabis in the states is hazy unless costs are decreased, product safety standards are improved, and civil rights are strengthened for patients and prescribers.

    Americans for Safe Access issued its annual State of the States report on Thursday, Feb. 2. The organization, a nonprofit, has put out the document to advocates and state policymakers since 2014, as a tool to “assess and improve medical cannabis programs.”


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  • Cannabis Client Alert - Week of February 6, 2023

    Authored by associates Jacob Raver and Malina Dumas for Dentons

    Americans for Safe Access Publish Report on Medical Cannabis Access in the US – The medical cannabis advocacy organization Americans for Safe Access (ASA) recently published its 2022 State of the States Report. Among other things, the report notes that in 2022 alone, 99 pieces of legislation were introduced across the US regarding the booming hemp-derived cannabinoid market. The report also includes detailed “report cards” for each state regarding various aspects of their cannabis regulatory regime.

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  • Report: Ohio's medical marijuana program hindered by lack of improvements, high costs

    By Jeremy Nobile for Crain's Cleveland Business

    State-level medical cannabis programs are suffering from a lack of improvements and high consumer costs, especially in markets like Ohio, according to the 2022 State of States report from Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a Washington, D.C., nonprofit that advocates for the therapeutic use and research of medical marijuana.

    The ASA grades every state (plus U.S. territories and Washington, D.C.) on their medical programs based on a variety of criteria in seven categories, including program functionality, affordability and patient rights/civil protections.

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  • State Medical Cannabis Laws Graded by Patient Advocates in New Report from Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

    By Leah Maurer for The Weed Blog

    Americans for Safe Access (ASA) titled the annual report, “2022 State of the States Report: An Analysis of Medical Cannabis Access in the United States.”

    The report evaluates the effectiveness of each state cannabis program from a patient perspective and assigns a grade using a rubric that reflects the key issues affecting patient access, broken down into more than 100 categories, including: barriers to access, civil protections, affordability, health and social equity, and product safety. The report also assigns penalties for harmful policies. ASA distributes the report to state legislators and regulators in every state, as well as hundreds of health and patient organization across the country.

    Despite an increase in registered patient numbers and states with medical cannabis programs, the report highlights the fact that states are still falling short in creating programs that fulfill the needs of all patients– as mentioned, the average grade among states was only 46.16% with Maryland earning the highest score of 75.71%. The report also highlights new issues facing patients including a decline in legislative improvements to state medical cannabis programs and the negative impacts recreational adult-use laws are having on medical cannabis access.

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  • Report: Maryland the Top Medical Cannabis Program for Product Compliance, Testing, and Labeling

    By Ben Hartman for RootWurks

    Maryland’s medical cannabis program leads the nation in product testing and labeling and has taken the steps necessary to ensure that all products meet compliance requirements, according to a new report from Americans for Safe Access

    The report states that “Maryland requires the full suite of product testing, including testing for potency (cannabinoids and terpenes) as well as contaminants, including pesticides, heavy metals, and residual solvents. Mayland’s labeling requirements include cannabinoids, terpenes, ingredients, and allergens.”

    The report states that Maryland also received full points for staff training, complaints, adverse event reporting, and recall protocol. The state’s cannabis laboratory operations received full points for standard operating procedures, quality systems management, and results reporting.


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  • Proponents of medical marijuana warn Ohio’s program in dire need of overhaul

    By Nick Evans for Ohio Capital Journal

    Schuring noted they picked up that idea from Maryland’s system. An recent report from the independent patient advocacy organization Americans for Safe Access ranked Maryland first among state programs. Ohio’s ranked eighth.

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  • Ohio Senators Take Up Bill To Overhaul State’s Medical Marijuana Program As Advocates Pursue Adult-Use Legalization At Ballot

    By Marijuana Moment

    Schuring noted they picked up that idea from Maryland’s system. A recent report from the independent patient advocacy organization Americans for Safe Access ranked Maryland first among state programs. Ohio’s ranked eighth.

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