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Medical cannabis news and events from around the state

| July 06, 2015 |

This may be your last chance to email Governor Brown and ask him to sign the Medical Cannabis Organ Transplant Act (AB 258). Patients who legally use medical cannabis in California are routinely denied a place on the national organ...

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CA cities and counties crack down on medical cannabis

| April 13, 2015 |

The trend in cities and counties last week was to crack down on medical cannabis cultivation and distribution. San Joaquin County is moving to ban all cultivation, except by commercially licensed providers. That is bad news for patients who want...

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Senator Boxer supports CARERS as ASA members head to DC!

| March 23, 2015 |

California Senator Barbara Boxer is supporting the CARERS Act in Congress. It is great to see one of our state Senators standing up for our voter-approved medical cannabis laws! I will be with hundreds of other advocates in Washington, DC, this week...

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Let's see some CA in DC

| March 16, 2015 |

Are you one of the Californians getting ready for ASA’s National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference and Citizen Lobby Day in Washington, DC? I would like to see hundreds of patients, doctors, industry workers, and grassroots advocates at the conference and in the...

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CA cities: License, ban, or let voters decide?

| March 09, 2015 |

California communities are still grappling with medical cannabis in the absence of a statewide licensing and regulation program. Dispensary applications in San Diego continue to move forward, clearing an important legal hurdle last week. Voters in Riverside and Yucca Valley...

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Important developments in the federal courts and the state legislature

| February 16, 2015 |

ASA Executive Director Steph Sherer visited six cities in California last week to talk about local and state medical cannabis policies. ASA will be reporting back on what she heard from members about our proposed “Points of Unity” for commercial...

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Based on conversations with patients, providers, and other stakeholders in California

| February 13, 2015 |

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Our Health Is In Our Hands

| February 02, 2015 |

ASA Executive Director Steph Sherer will be touring California between February 8th and 15th to talk to patients and other stakeholders about the local and state work that needs to get done on medical cannabis between now and November of 2016, when...

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Local bans call for action. Are you ready?

| September 22, 2014 |

Contents: Message from the CA Director: Local bans call for action. Are you ready? State & Local News: National, state, and local news from communities all over California Public Meetings & Events: Riverside, Ventura, Washington, DC, and online Court Support: Redding and more Take...

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What about next year?

| August 24, 2014 |

The California Assembly Appropriations Committee held SB 1262 (Correa/Ammiano) in committee on August 15, meaning the bill will not proceed to the floor for a vote or be adopted this year. The controversial bill would have regulated doctors who recommend...

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