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  • Medical Cannabis Advocates Applaud Bipartisan Vote on SB 3

    Sen. Mike FolmerLast week, the Pennsylvania Senate passed SB 3, a legislative proposal that would create a functional medical cannabis program in the state. Sen. Mike Folmer (R-Lebanon) and Sen. Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery) co-sponsored the legislation and built up bipartisan support that lead to the bill’s passage by a margin of 40-7. 

    “The support of so many in the Senate and the many, many advocates has been overwhelming and I cannot thank everyone enough,” said Folmer.  “I believe in its present form Senate Bill 3 represents a balance between the advocates who want greater access to medical cannabis and those who continue to have concerns.  Hopefully we have established a solid foundation for consideration and deliberation in the House.”

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  • Sick Kids in Harrisburg Get Results; Bipartisan Medical Cannabis Bill Announced

    I saw a beautiful thing at the Capitol building in Harrisburg yesterday. There was hope on so many faces that too often look scared and sad. Parents of sick children who have felt hopeless and helpless for so long have been learning that cannabis can help their kids who they have been watching waste away before their eyes. Legalization for medical use of cannabis is possible and is sweeping the nation with new ballot initiatives and state bills seeming to pop up every day in some unlikely places with unlikely supporters.

    Team MMJ fights the good fight with their emphasis on sick kids

    Team MMJ, an organization formed primarily by PA parents of very sick children, planned a rally in the Capitol rotunda and I was fortunate enough to be in attendance. The event was started off early by a number of speakers including Dana Ulrich, speaking on behalf of her daughter, Lorelei who suffers from epilepsy. 

    Josh Stanley and Paige Figi spoke, bringing hope from the Stanley Brothers' Realm of Caring organization that helped make Paige and her daughter famous and beloved by naming their strain of cannabis "Charlotte's Web". Paige and Charlotte have been seen on many news specials including Dr. Sanjay Gupta's "Weed" documentary special that aired on CNN. Unfortunately, Charlotte was unable to attend because in Pennsylvania, she is considered a hardened criminal for taking the medicine she needs to lead any kind of life.

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  • Tough break, Anna. You were born in the wrong state

    Anna_Single.jpgSomeday I’ll be done asking how this happened. Someday I’ll be done asking, “why Anna?”. Someday I’ll finally warm up to the idea that bad things happen to good people. Not today though. Today I’m just pissed off. I’m pissed off that there is absolutely no explanation as to why my daughter’s left temporal lobe has atrophied.  Why does she have cavernous in her brain? Why is she autistic? I just want to know why my perfectly perfect little girl forgot everything she knew as a toddler.

    Anna was the funniest little girl I’d ever met. I know everyone thinks their kid is the funniest kid they’ve ever met but I’m telling you, this kid was a comic genius. She was really bright. One day she brought me a photo album and said, “Hey mom, I got a face book”. So sweet, so imaginative, so ridiculously cute I could have just watched her all day. But then on the day of her second birthday, something took that delightful little girl away from me. In exchange, I got an angry, sad little 2 year old. Still cute, but damn miserable.

    Even more devastating than the fact that her emotions were completely out of control, was the fact that she couldn’t remember some of her favorite songs. She no longer seemed to be comfortable with family members. It was sort of like she didn’t know them anymore. She stopped counting. She stopped saying her ABC’s. She forgot who she was. She was interrupted.

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