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  • Blogger Andrew Sullivan speaks out

    Andrew Sullivan and Don DuncanPioneering blogger, journalist, and author Andrew Sullivan was the keynote speaker at the International Cannabis Business Conference in Portland, OR, this weekend. His presence might seem surprising, but the issue of cannabis and medical cannabis dovetails with his peculiar brand of left/right hybrid politics. More importantly, his participation represents an important evolution in the field of medical cannabis. Our movement is stronger when visible support for safe and legal access to medicine expands outside our traditional filed of allies.

    Pictured: Andrew Sullivan and me

    Mr. Sullivan’s voice is firmly established in the mainstream. He was the Editor of the New Republic, one of the nation’s oldest and venerable voices in politics. He is also one of the most widely read and recognized political bloggers. His blog The Dish is influential in the liberal and conservative blogosphere alike. Mr. Sullivan  also writes for prestigious national media, including Time Magazine and The Atlanti Monthly, and has authored or edited six books. 

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  • Oregon Action Alert: *URGENT* Stop local bans to medical cannabis dispensaries. No to SB 1531!

    We urgently need advocates to contact their state officials and ask them to vote against the amended SB 1531!

    Senate Bill 1531 - Allows cities to outright ban medical cannabis dispensaries and requires childproof packing. This bill was amended and passed unanimously by the State Senate to replace language authorizing bans to allow cities and counties to pass “reasonable regulations” around time, place and manner.

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  • Regulate Pot, Don’t Prosecute It

    It seems that area law enforcement has not yet learned the value of working WITH the local community.

    Thursday's raid on The Greener Side, a medical marijuana resource center, can hardly be considered a top priority. With law enforcement services severely cut across the state, surely there are more dangerous individuals threatening community safety than a group of medical marijuana patients.

    Besides the raid in Eugene, it has been reported that after a two year investigation, up to 70 law enforcement officers were used in concurrent raids in southern Oregon.

    In August of last year a woman in Josephine County called 911 as a man who had previously assaulted her was breaking into her home. The dispatcher had to tell the woman there was no one to send. The county had laid off 23 deputies because of budget cuts.

    In Oregon in 2010 (according to OSP statistics) there were 1,246 reported forcible rapes - yet only 243 arrests were made. How long will Oregon voters stand for our po

    lice and sheriffs kowtowing to the federal drug war bureaucracy?

    How long before Oregon legislators and voters figure out the simple economics of cannabis regulation over cannabis persecution?

    How long before Oregon's leaders disavows this  federal lunacy and acts to PROTECT patients instead of throwing them under the Prohibition bus?


    This was also published in the Registered  Guard
  • Should Grandma Smoke Pot?

    Starting today, television stations in West Palm Beach Fl and Eugene Oregon will begin airing an “edu-mercial” about medical cannabis called, Should Grandma Smoke Pot? The show is the brain child of Robert Platshorn, the man who served the longest prison sentence in America for smuggling marijuana. After the government forced him to halt his live pro-legalization “Silver Tour,” Grandma is his new effort to educate seniors on the benefits of medical marijuana.

    With award-winning director Walter J Collins, Robert has produced a thirty minute show that pulls no punches in taking on what he calls “the government’s wasteful and irrational ban on marijuana.” The show will air more than a dozen times over three weeks in West Palm Beach on WTIX the CW and WCTN My TV. In Oregon, it will air more than a dozen times on KEVU-TV.

    Summing up his new direction, Robert Platshorn, who served thirty years of a sixty-four year federal prison sentence, said “I must be making an impression on America’s seniors, because the Federal Parole Commission has ordered that I may no longer travel ‘to promote legalization of marijuana.’” Robert exclaims, “If I can’t travel to legalize this important medicine for seniors, I can damn well send Grandma across America on a mission of mercy.”

    Robert, who for many years was a national TV pitchman, is raising money to air his show like an infomercial on local and national TV networks. As an experienced infomercial producer, Robert has access to the private auctions where he can buy half hours on good stations for about ten percent of normal rate. As little as $3000 can buy twenty or more airings for Grandma on local stations or one national airing. You can learn more at

    Watch the edu-mercial, and share it with your grandma!

    Jonathan Bair is ASA's Social Media Director
  • Medical Cannabis News Roundup

    News about medical cannabis from around the nation - or, everything you missed if you were reading about the unjust federal action targeting Harborside Health Center.
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  • Register to Vote

    Americans for Safe Access (ASA) urges everyone to register to vote on or before Monday, October 18, the deadline to register for the November mid-term elections in most states. You can get a voter registration card in most Post Offices, or contact local officials. We need everyone out at the polls this year! Voters in several states will cast ballots on medical cannabis issues this year. Arizona voters will have a chance to approve a medical cannabis initiative that fixes wording flaws in the state's 1996 initiative that left it unenforceable. Voters in Oregon will decide on an initiative to make dispensing centers legal. South Dakotans have a chance to establish protections for patients. And in California, the low-profile race for attorney general has high stakes for safe access, as one candidate supports statewide standards for collectives, while the other has vowed to arrest operators, even those in compliance with all local regulations. Voters in California and Colorado will have to decide on dozens of local ballot measures that will tax, regulate, or ban access to medicine. Check with you local voting officials to see if your city has medical cannabis on the ballot.