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  • We need your help to make 2016 an even better year for medical cannabis!

    There was a lot to celebrate in 2015. Forty states have passed laws that allow the medical use of cannabis in some form, and more individuals have access than ever before. Congressional support for medical cannabis has never been stronger. We are closer than ever to finally reaching our goal of safe and legal access to medical cannabis for everyone who needs it.

    ASA’s work is at the heart of this historic progress, and as an ASA Member, you helped make it happen! Look at some of the highlights of what you helped accomplish this year.

    • Introduced comprehensive bi-partisan federal medical cannabis legislation in Senate and House
    • Passed Federal “cease fire” on medical cannabis patients
    • Won the largest successful vote in Congress yet - 242 to 186
    • Hosted Senate and Congressional briefings
    • Coordinated thousands of constituent meetings with elected officials
    • Co-founded the International Medical Cannabis Patient Coalition (IMCPC)
    • Testified before legislators and regulators in dozens of states
    • Passed comprehensive state regulatory bills
    • Added product safety protocols to state laws across the country
    • Passed an organ transplant patients rights bill in California
    • Testified at the World Health Organization (WHO) on medical cannabis
    • Organized thousands of constituent meetings with elected officials
    • Generated hundreds of thousands emails, calls and signatures on petitions
    • Launched the International Cannabis and Cannabinoid Institute (ICCI)
    • Provided up-to date information on medical cannabis laws to millions through ASA’s website
    • Educated thousands of patients on cannabis as a medicine
    • Trained thousands of medical cannabis industry workers on product safety protocol compliance
    • Represented patient perspective in the media and at conferences around world

    Click here to see a more detailed list of our work in 2015.

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  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year from Americans for Safe Access (ASA)!

    We look forward to working with all of our members and friends to promote safe and affordable access for every patient in 2011. Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment.
  • Happy Holidays from ASA!

    Americans for Safe Access (ASA) wishes all of our members and friends a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season! What better way to share the holiday spirit than gifts that promote safe access? Giving ASA gear to your family and friends helps spread the message of change. And all the proceeds go to fight for patients rights and advance safe access for everyone. For gifts that make a difference, checkout ASA's online store today!