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California Weekly Round Up

| November 09, 2007 |

ASA Fights in the California Supreme Court to Protect Patients' Rights to Work On Tuesday, November 6, Americans for Safe Access Chief Counsel Joe Elford argued an appeal of the discriminatory decision of September 7, 2005, when the Court of...

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A Medical Marijuana Patient's Long Road to Victory

| November 07, 2007 |

Nate. R. is a medical marijuana patient living in Orange County, California who uses marijuana to treat clinical depression. I wanted to write this post to let others who are qualified patients know that the law is here to work...

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A Sad Day in Montana, and across the Country - In Remebrance of Robin Prosser

| October 29, 2007 |

It is a sad day for the people of Montana, medical marijuana advocates, and people anywhere who are sympathetic to the plight of the sick and dying. Robin Prosser, a Missoula, Montana medical marijuana patient, and a powerful activist fighting...

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ASA's Trip to LA: Protest, DEA Raid & Interviews

| October 26, 2007 |

ASA's trip to LA two weeks ago for the rally calling on Governor Schwarzenegger to Stand Up for Patients' Rights was apparently well documented. On Thursday, hundreds of patients and advocates rallied outside of Governor Schwarzenegger's Los Angeles office: Later...

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Stop the DEA from Breaking Up Two Happy Families

| October 22, 2007 |

DEA raids consistently disrupt the lives of innocent patients and providers, but two recent raids have threatened to break up these two happy families: Breaking Up a Family... Ronald Naulls operated a safe, legal medical cannabis collective in Corona for...

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Some Examples of Local Cooperation with the DEA in Arresting Medical Marijuana Patients

| October 11, 2007 |

So, think about this. Medical marijuana use and cultivation has been legal in California since 1996, but more than ten years later, there are still local law enforcement agents who refuse to follow state law. Especially since the Raich decision...

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ASA Files Amicus Brief in California Supreme Court

| October 11, 2007 |

Since the passage of the Compassionate Use Act over a decade ago, California courts have struggled to determine what a person must do to establish himself as the primary caregiver for a qualified patient. Providing marijuana alone, several courts have...

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Obfuscation by Kern County Officials Means No Access for Hundreds of Area Medical Marijuana Patients

| October 10, 2007 |

In the latest saga of obfuscation by Kern County officials, District Attorney Ed Jagels has recommended the banning of dispensaries in the county. The Bakersfield Californian quotes Jagels in an October 10 article as saying, "I do not think we...

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New Documentary Illustrates the Need for and Benefit of Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

| October 07, 2007 |

In a time of increased federal raids and DEA attacks on patients and providers across California, it is important to have educational tools like the new documentary, "Dispensing Cannabis: The California Story," to illustrate the importance of understanding and protecting...

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No Pattern or Rules to DEA Attacks

| October 03, 2007 |

Guest post written by James Anthony. James Anthony is a former Deputy City Attorney for Oakland and a LEAP member ( He now serves as land use permitting counsel for better MCDs throughout the State of California and looks forward...

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