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  • Welcome Congress Home by Demanding Peace for Patients

    shutterstock_130720814-525x275.jpgFreedom. Americans dedicate an entire day to celebrating it, yet our country is home to the world’s largest population of prisoners. Several of these men and women are serving time for medical marijuana, even though they were following state law allowing their activities.

    In a recent New York Times article entitled Lock ‘Em Up Nation: Mandatory Sentencing for Medical Marijuana, Timothy Egan writes, “if Larry Harvey, at the age of 70, with his gout and high blood pressure and bum knee, gets the mandatory 10-year term, he’s likely to die in prison, certainly not the last casualty of the assault on our citizens known as the War on Drugs. For him, freedom is just another word his congresswoman likes to throw around on the Fourth of July.”

    Like so many others before him, Larry Harvey is staring down the barrel of a federal prosecution for growing less than 70 plants on his 34-acre property, along with four other authorized patients. U.S. Attorney’s have also indicted Larry’s wife, his son and daughter in law, and a family friend. Together, they are known as the “Kettle Falls Five.” If trial proceeds on July 28, defense attorneys will not be allowed to argue the cannabis was being grown for medical purposes. Just the opposite, a federal judge recently granted a continuance to allow prosecutors to alter video evidence in order to edit out doctors’ recommendations and a large sign with a green cross, so as not to “confuse the jury.”

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  • Did you see me on the front page of USA Today... Today!

    2014-05-19.pngMy name is Larry Harvey. I am a 70-year old legal medical cannabis patient who lives near Kettle Falls, Washington. Last year, I was arrested by federal agents, along with three family members and a friend, for growing 44 cannabis plants for our own private use. We will soon be tried in federal court in Spokane, Washington and each one of us face a minimum of ten years in prison. We will not be allowed to tell the jury that we were obeying the medical cannabis laws in Washington State.

    I need your help to shine a national spotlight on this injustice. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) is mounting a national media campaign to let the country know that the federal attack on legal medical cannabis is not over. Did you see my article on the  front page of the USA Today?  ASA helped make that happen but there is still a ton of work that has to be done. Will you help us make protecting legal patients like my family, friend, and me a priority? Please make a special contribution to support ASA’s work today.

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