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  • COVID19 State Emergency Plans Confirm Medical Cannabis is Essential

    Patient Advocates are Grateful States are Listening, Warn “There is More Action Still Needed”

    WASHINGTON, DC — Last Monday, March 16, Americans for Safe Access (ASA), the nation's largest medical cannabis patient advocacy organization, with coordinated stakeholders and allies, called on U.S. state and territorial governors (DC mayor) and medical cannabis program directors to allow cannabis businesses and dispensaries to remain open as “essential” businesses during COVID-19-related closings as well as a list of other measures that they should immediately put into place to protect patient access and the medical cannabis supply chain.

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  • Cannabinoids, Influenza, and Coronavirus

    With everything happening in the news lately, we want to present some scientific data to help medical cannabis patients and adult-use consumers make informed decisions in regard to cannabis products available, product safety, and personal health. Each person’s health situation is unique, and medical cannabis patients should discuss with their doctor or healthcare provider the best approach to prevent and treat current illnesses while potentially battling influenza or coronavirus.

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  • COVID-19 Press Release

    Medical Cannabis Patient Advocates Call on Governors to Protect Patients Amid Covid-19 Outbreak

    Americans for Safe Access Provides Governors, Mayors, Medical Cannabis Program Directors with Action List 

    Washington, DC -- Americans for Safe Access (ASA) sent out a letter today to call on governors and directors of state medical cannabis programs to take immediate action to ensure that patients continue to have access to medical cannabis and that the supply chain is not interrupted while Governors are creating emergency plans in their states to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

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