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  • Do you want to talk about medical cannabis in CA?

    People talking graphicDo you want to talk to other patients, advocates, and professionals about medical cannabis in California? There is a lot to talk about! The campaign to pass the Medical Cannabis Organ Transplant Act is underway, and lawmakers in Sacramento have introduced eleven other bills related to cannabis and medical cannabis this year. There are bills to regulate and license commercial medical cannabis activity, increase penalties against cultivators, regulate vape pens, and more. And that is not including local efforts to regulate or ban medical cannabis.

    Join the ASA California Campaign for Safe Access (CCSA) email discussion list to be a part of the important conversation about medical cannabis issues at the local, state, and federal level.

    The ASA-CCSA mailing list is a members-only discussion list where you can share your thoughts on medical cannabis and hear from leading advocates, grassroots volunteers, doctors, lobbyists, patients, and industry workers. The list is moderated to prevent spam. You can decide how often you get messages from ASA-CCSA, or just go online to read messages at your convenience. Join the conversation today!

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  • Get ready to speak up, California

    CA Capitol BuildingThe California legislature is back in session, and you can expect a lot of activity around medical cannabis. Assembly Member Jones-Sawyer (D-Santee) has introduced AB 26and Assembly Member Rob Bonta (D-Oakland) introduced AB 34. Both bills will seek to regulate and license commercial medical cannabis activity, but neither is in its final form yet. That means there is still time to speak up about what you want to see in state legislation.

    ASA will be sponsoring legislation this year to protect legal medical cannabis patients who need organ transplants from discrimination. You can read more about the Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Act online. You can sign a petition supporting the legislation in the Take Action Now section of this message.

    You can use the tools and strategies in ASA’s free Medical Cannabis Advocacy Training Center to help you participate in the legislative process this year. Read more about the online resource in the ASA Website Spotlight section of this message.

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