The State of Medical Marijuana in Virgin Islands

2020 Grade: D-

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2019-2020 Improvements and Recommendations

Since the Governor’s signing of the Medicinal Cannabis Care Act in 2019, the USVI has been slow to develop regulations that will govern the operation of the territory’s new medical cannabis marketplace under the law. One year after signing the Medicinal Cannabis Care Act, Governor Bryan still has yet to fill out the Cannabis Advisory Board’s (VICAB) nine member roster. To date, only seven of the nine regulators have been named and one has already withdrawn. No regulatory activity can commence until these board members are assigned.


USVI did not have a medical cannabis program before 2019, although voters did approve a non-binding referendum supporting medical cannabis in 2014. In early 2019, the Governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands signed the Virgin Islands Medicinal Cannabis Care Act to allow qualifying patients to possess and obtain cannabis for medical purposes. The program includes chronic pain and home cultivation (up to 12 plants with an ID card), and allows registered patients to possess up to four ounces at a time with a certification from a healthcare practitioner. The program offers strong civil rights protections for patients.

Patient Feedback

No feedback was received from patients in USVI.