The State of Medical Marijuana in Idaho

2020 Grade: F

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2019-2020 Improvements and Recommendations

Activists working on gathering signatures for a petition to get medical cannabis on the 2020 ballot as an initiative were forced to suspend their campaign due to COVID, which made signature gathering in the Gem State impossible. ASA encourages state lawmakers to initiate work in 2021 focused on construction of a comprehensive medical cannabis program. Such a program should provide legal protections to patients related to employment, housing, education and family law and develop an in-state production system for lab-tested medical cannabis and cannabis products that can be made available to patients at legal retailers. ASA also recommends that lawmakers authorize patients to cultivate cannabis at home to reduce costs to patients.


Idaho is one of three remaining states without any type of medical cannabis program, leaving patients no safe or legal access to cannabis or cannabis products.

Patient Feedback

Again this year, surveyed patients report that it is unacceptable for medical cannabis to be illegal in Idaho. Surveyed patients would like to see medical cannabis flower, concentrates, oil, tinctures, lotions, edibles, and patches available in their state.