Our 2021 State of the States Report is an incredibly powerful tool for changing the minds of lawmakers. And creating this report every year is a huge undertaking. But we dedicate the time to creating this report each year because we know it impacts policy. Every year we continue to see more and more of our policy recommendations adopted in states that work to improve their programs for patients and consumers. We know this is an incredibly powerful tool, however we need your help if we want to maximize our impact. Printed copies help our outreach on Capitol Hill where we can get them in the hands of lawmakers. Printed copies can also be distributed to ASA chapters for outreach at state capitals and distributed at ASA booths at conferences and expos.

The fact is that printing and distributing a long, high-quality report like the State of the States is very expensive and we need donations to fund that project. We need your help to cover the printing and distribution of these reports so we can get them in the hand of every legislator in the country. ASA is a grass-roots organization and we rely on the generosity and support of advocates and everyday people like you. Please donate today to help us ensure that we have the best chances of improving medical cannabis access across the country.

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