We believe the 2019 State of the States Report is an incredibly powerful tool for changing the minds of lawmakers. We need your help to cover the printing and distribution of these reports so we can get them in the hand of every legislator in the country.

Your donation also ensures that your legislator will get a copy sent to their office. We want them to know that their constituents care enough to make sure that they read this report.

  • A donation of $50 will enable us to deliver a copy to your Congressperson.
  • A donation of $100 will get copies sent to both your Senator and Representative.
  • A donation of $75 will get a copy of the report mailed to you for you to use in sate advocacy.
  • A donation of $125 will get you two copies sent to your home for your use.

If you are interested in receiving more copies for advocacy work please let us know by emailing [email protected] to help arrange your order.

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