Safe Gardening

Have Your Paperwork Together

If it is legal to cultivation medical cannabis in your state, make sure you are properly registered, followed all regulations,  and have a copy of your registry ID card  or paper work prominently displayed at any place where cannabis is cultivated. Keep a copy of all of your paperwork at an off-site location; if a raid occurs, your paperwork may be destroyed or seized.

In the Garden

Don't be sloppy. Compost or eliminate trash off site. The larger the garden appears, the more likely you are to attract the attention of thieves or others who wish to cause you harm. Cultivating indoors is generally considered safer because it helps avoid nosy neighbors and reduces the risk of theft. Use extra odor control methods during harvest to avoid offending neighbors. The plants smell especially pungent at this time, as they are particularly resinous, and you may find the smell lingering in the air, on your clothes, and in your hair.

Be Smart: Be discreet 

Be mindful about hauling grow equipment, tools, and plants into your home or grow site in view of neighbors.  In the same vein, as tempting as it may be, tell as few people as possible about the location of the site.

If You Are under Investigation

In the event of a law enforcement encounter, don't talk to law enforcement officers beyond showing them your identification and medical marijuana registry identification card. Keep relevant records near your garden and have an attorney to call right away. If you are determined to talk to law enforcement officers without an attorney, get your affairs in order first and prepare to do some prison time.

Talking to Your Attorney about the Garden

You may talk to your lawyer about your garden, as Alaska law protects patients and their caregivers who cultivate cannabis. Be careful discussing your financial situation and never make reference to selling cannabis as that is forbidden by Alaska law. If your attorney is unfamiliar with medical marijuana law, be prepared to educate him or her or ask him or her to contact ASA.