Americans for Safe Access has created a series of publications to help medical cannabis stakeholders navigate the medical, legal, and political aspects of cannabis.

Regulating Patient Health

In this comprehensive report we meticulously examine the existing disparities between cannabis testing programs across the states as they relate to other regulated products, with a particular focus on their impact on patient health. Our aim is to ...

2022 State of States report

Each year, Americans for Safe Access, the nation’s largest nonprofit that represents medical cannabis patients, doctors, and researchers, prepares a report that assesses legislative and regulatory improvements in medical cannabis programs across t...

What's the Cost? The Federal War on Patients

Our research found that the federal government spent nearly $500 million on raids, federal prosecutions, incarceration, and asset forfeiture suits related to medical marijuana.

Cannabis & Cannabis Resin- Critical Review Preparation Do...

A review of Medical Cannabis by ASA's 2016 National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference for presentation to the United Nations Special Assembly

Scheduling Cannabis: A Preparatory Document for FDA’s 8-...

The 8-Factor analysis is a guide for addressing the DEA's requirements for rescheduling and regulating Cannabis as a safe and effective medicine.

The DEA’s Denial of Existing Medical Cannabis Research

ASA published this report in response to the DEA's 2016 “Denial of Petition to Initiate Proceedings to Reschedule Marijuana” report. ASA provides a detailed analysis, corrections, and alternative findings. 

Medical Cannabis as a Tool to Combat Pain and Opioid Crisis

Using medical cannabis to treat chronic pain is supported by research and medical professionals, and has demonstrated positive public health outcomes.

Reports Archive

Americans for Safe Access' reports and publications have been at the center of changing laws, social attitudes, and empowering the medical cannabis movement.

Guides to Using Medical Cannabis

For over 20 years ASA has been providing easy to navigate guides for patients, their caregivers, and their medical professionals on the medical use of cannabis.