2020-21 Improvements and Recommendations

Regulators made a public announcement clarifying rules regarding telehealth recommendations, saying that while state law requires that a doctor give the recommendation in-person, renewals and subsequent visits may be conducted over the phone. New rules to allow out of state patients to apply for temporary cards were also issued. Additionally, patients will no longer have to purchase flower in 1-gram pods thanks to changes made by state regulators.

Utah banned Delta-8 THC products in 2019, however medical cannabis retailers in the state seem to be violating this law by stocking the products and even pushing them on patients over other cannabis products. Delta-8 tends to be synthetically derived as the cannabis plant naturally produces very little. The chemicals used in the synthesis may be harmful and there are no regulations requiring safety contaminant tests for these substances. Additionally, there are no studies indicating the safety of delta-8 that is synthetically derived and at quantities seen in these products. Utah regulators should move quickly to crack down hard on producers making and retailers selling delta-8 THC products.

In 2022, ASA recommends that Utah regulators continue extending more forms of access to patients by removing the requirement for concentrates to be separately recommended when other forms of cannabis don’t sufficiently treat the patient’s condition. The state should also consider allowing for patients and caregivers to grow cannabis at home to lower the impact of supply issues and cost on patients. Additionally, retailers should be allowed to offer patients curbside pickup so they can avoid potential contact with others as the pandemic continues.