Policy Recommendations North Dakota

2019-2020 Improvements and Recommendations for North Dakota

In 2020, North Dakota patients began enjoying some of the reforms instituted to the state's medical cannabis program in 2019. Some of these include simplifying the patient application process by no longer requiring patients to pay associated fees with a cashier's check or having to provide their social security numbers when applying. The state also continues to license medical dispensaries to serve patients, with eight facilities now open to serve patients. Following the addition of 12 new qualifying conditions in 2019, North Dakota's patient population has grown four times since our last report. North Dakota included medical cannabis in the state's emergency response to COVID, enabling licensed businesses to remain open to serve patients, and allowing patients to use telehealth visits for program enrollment. As lawmakers eye the 2021 legislative session, ASA recommends focusing on improving patient civil protections, specifically related to housing, employment and parental rights. State lawmakers are also encouraged to develop improvements in product testing, labeling and safety standards.