Policy Recommendations New Mexico

2019-2020 Improvements and Recommendations for New Mexico

New Mexico lawmakers held a brief legislative session in 2020, in which they implemented a number of emergency measures in response to the COVID pandemic. Several of these measures pertained to legal medical cannabis access, including the decision to deem medical cannabis businesses as essential to maintain ongoing operations and patient access. New Mexico also permitted delivery to patients, curbside pickup and telemedicine appointments for patients re-enrolling in the state's medical access program. 2020 also saw New Mexico inch closer to opening public consumption spaces, which is an important access feature to enable patients who rent or who are in subsidized housing to have a designated location to safely and legally consume cannabis without fear of eviction.

Beyond permanently maintaining the state's cannabis-related COVID emergency measures, ASA recommends working to reduce product prices and increase the variety and availability of medical cannabis products designed specifically for patients.