Policy Recommendations Missouri

2019-2020 Improvements and Recommendations for Missouri

Since approving rules in 2019 governing the state's medical cannabis program approved by voters in 2018, Missouri has been successful at licensing a population of cultivators, processors and dispensaries that are expected to begin serving patients as soon as this fall36. By the end of 2020 the state hoped to have 192 dispensaries open to serve patients, with 60 cultivators and 86 processors licenced to provide a sufficient supply of medical cannabis products. However state attention to COVID may disrupt facility licensing, inspection and opening. The state currently maintains a population of 22,706 registered patients, who are permitted to apply for home cultivation licences in order to grow their own medical cannabis.37 Responding to COVID, Missouri authorized patients to utilize telemedicine for physician evaluations.

ASA is excited for the initiation of the state's medical program this fall, and encourages lawmakers to focus in 2021 on improving patient protections covering civil, parental and employment rights, as well as protections for renters and those in subsidized housing.