Policy Recommendations Michigan

2019-2020 Improvements and Recommendations for Michigan

Most of Michigan's legislative and regulatory activity around cannabis in 2019-2020 has focused on adult-use due to the 2018 voter approval of a statewide ballot initiative Proposal 1. One significant deviation from this trend that patients should be aware of was the Marijuana Regulatory Agency's March statement announcing the October 2020 phase-out of the current practice of caregivers growing and selling cannabis to licensed medical retailers. This is significant, as caregiver-grown cannabis still accounts for a sizable portion of the products sold to cannabis consumers across the Great Lake State.29. In its announcement MRA indicated that it will slowly phase out the sale of flower from caregivers to licensed retailers until October, when this practice will no longer be permitted. Patients should be prepared for potential product shortages and associated pricing increases. Michigan declared medical cannabis dispensaries essential as part of the state's response to COVID, and authorized curbside pickup and delivery to keep patients safe.

As lawmakers look to 2021 ASA recommends addressing medical cannabis shortage and related price increases to ensure patients have consistent access to affordable medicine. ASA also urges lawmakers to work with local governments to license more medical cannabis retailers to improve patient access and reduce travel burdens on patients. Finally, ASA asks that Michigan lawmakers and regulators permanently maintain the medical cannabis-related COVID emergency measures implemented this year.